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Circle Diner

The Circle Diner in Latham is a place you might drive by a lot, especially if you’re not sure which exit to take out of the roundabout. 636 more words

Upstate NY

Ambrosia Diner

According to Greek mythology, ambrosia is the food and drink of the gods. Queensbury, NY isn’t exactly Mount Olympus, but the Ambrosia Diner would have you think otherwise. 719 more words

Upstate NY

Farmer Boy Diner & Restaurant

On Central Ave in Albany, you can buy a hot tub on sale, a brand new sectional couch, or a car. You can also get a stellar turkey club sandwich. 726 more words

Upstate NY

Skyline Diner

Around noon o’clock today, we headed to the Skyline Diner in Rensselaer, NY. It was only about half full, which was nice for us but not for them. 288 more words


Bob's Diner

In the heart of bustling Watervliet, NY lies a small diner that’s been around for centuries. Or maybe just decades. Clearly I haven’t done my research.  398 more words

Upstate NY

Scotia Diner

Last Sunday, we journeyed to the not-so-distant land of Scotia, NY for the accurately titled Scotia Diner. Word on the street is that a guy who looks like Elvis hangs out there, but he eluded us this time. 450 more words

Upstate NY

Skyport Restaurant

Two weekends ago, we ended up at the Skyport Restaurant on Freeman’s Bridge Road in Scotia, NY. Actually, depending on what you type into the Google search bar, it’s either in Scotia, Schenectady or Glenville, so who knows where we were. 408 more words

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