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The 3/17/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar is getting late in its timing band to form a daily cycle low.

The dollar printed its lowest point on Friday, following the day 19 peak. 326 more words

Gold Confirms New Daily Cycle

Gold printed its lowest point last Friday, day 29, following the day 20 peak. While gold formed a swing low on Monday, it did not confirm a new daily cycle until Thursday. 130 more words

Gold Facing Strong Headwinds

The dollar printed a bullish reversal off of the support of the 50 day MA on Monday.

Monday was day 26 for the dollar’s daily cycle. 253 more words

The 3/10/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

Friday’s break below the daily cycle trend line confirms that the dollar is in a daily cycle decline.

The dollar peaked on day 19, which assures us of a right translated daily cycle formation. 307 more words

Miner Divergence

Gold is in a daily uptrend. The daily uptrend is characterized by peaks occurring above the upper daily cycle band and lows forming above the lower daily cycle band. 313 more words

Follow Through

The dollar broke out to a new daily cycle high on Wednesday and then delivered bullish follow through on Thursday.

The bullish follow through on Thursday caused the dollar to close above the upper daily cycle band for the second straight day to establish a new daily uptrend. 124 more words

The 2/24/17 Weekend Report

The Dollar

Friday was day 15, placing the dollar 3 days shy of entering its timing band for a daily cycle low. While the dollar breached the daily cycle trend line, it did not deliver a clear and convincing break below the daily cycle trend line nor did it close below the 10 day MA. 230 more words