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Taking a Look at Stocks

Stocks broke out to a new high on Monday. So let’s take a closer look at both the daily and weekly cycles.

Stocks peaked on day 30. 236 more words

Daily Uptrends

Bonds began to close above their upper daily cycle band in March to establish a daily uptrend.

While bonds are in an uptrend, they are currently seeking out their daily cycle low. 166 more words

The 4/28/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar broke below the previous DCL on Tuesday to form a failed daily cycle.

The previous 7 daily cycles have averaged 32.5 days. 208 more words

Potential Oil Reversal

Oil printed a bullish reversal on Thursday.

The daily oil cycle peaked on day 15. It printed its lowest point on Thursday, day 25. That places oil in the early part of its timing band for a daily cycle low. 201 more words

Look Test

Stocks broke above the declining daily cycle trend line on Monday and then delivered more bullish follow through on Tuesday.

Tuesday was day 20 for the daily equity cycle. 238 more words

The 4/13/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar formed a swing high and then closed below both the 50 day MA and the 10 day MA to signal that the daily cycle is in decline. 227 more words

Oil Breaks Higher

Last Tuesday we looked at oil.

Last week oil delivered bullish follow through to the weekly swing low. We discussed that oil needed to break above the declining weekly trend line to confirm a new intermediate cycle. 109 more words