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The 2/16/18 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar closed below both the 10 day MA and the lower daily cycle band on Wednesday to confirm the daily cycle decline and signal a continuation of the intermediate cycle decline. 241 more words

Stocks Confirm A New Daily Cycle

On Monday we observed that stocks formed a swing low and were in their timing band for a daily cycle low.

Monday’s swing low was the first signal that stocks formed a daily cycle low. 85 more words

Breakouts & Backtests

Today we will take a quick look at the long term picture of the Transports and Steel.

Until recently the transports have been contained by a multi year consolidation. 74 more words

The 2/02/18 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar printed its lowest point on day 40 and has formed a swing low. The dollar is still seeking out confirmation for its daily cycle low. 223 more words

Still Foreshadowing a Profitable Turn

Stocks printed another Buying on Weakness day on Thursday.

Thursday was day 52 for the daily equity cycle. Stocks have begun to close below the 10 day MA confirming the daily cycle decline. 189 more words

Keeping Perspective

Stocks were down .67% on Monday and delivered a bearish crossover on the True Strength Indicator.

Our daily cycle count has become obscured. Monday was either day 19 or day 49 for the daily equity cycle. 140 more words

More Evidence

We have discussed the change in character that occurred in stocks since November, 2016. The two intermediate declines following the October, 2016 cycle low formed without a failed daily cycle. 220 more words