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Right Translated Cycles

Right Translated Cycles are cycles that peak after the mid-way point of a cycle. Peaking after the midway point means the cycle spends most of its time rising and less time in descent. 220 more words

Dollar Trouble

This morning we discussed how the dollar broke below the previous daily cycle low. This confirms that the dollar is now in an intermediate cycle decline. 147 more words

The 6/23/16 Morning Report

The dollar broke below the previous daily cycle low this morning producing a failed daily cycle.

Thursday is day 11 for the daily dollar cycle. And with a failed daily cycle, the dollar should now trend lower for the next 7 – 15 days before printing a daily cycle low. 123 more words


Stocks formed a swing low on Monday.

The daily equity cycle peaked on day 13, formed a swing high the next day and then declined. Stocks printed their lowest point last Thursday, day 19, forming a bullish reversal candle. 201 more words


Stocks printed a bullish reversal on Thursday.

Stocks declined after peaking on day 13. Thursday’s bullish reversal has eased the parameters for forming a daily swing low. 183 more words

The 6/16/16 Morning Report

The dollar has formed a daily swing high this morning.

While not all swing highs lead to a daily cycle decline, a daily cycle decline cannot begin without a daily swing high ;0) 150 more words

The First Domino ???

Stocks printed a bullish reversal today. A break above 2081.30 will form a swing low.

Tuesday was day 17 for the daily equity cycle. Stocks managed to close above the lower daily cycle band, therefore they remain in a daily uptrend. 104 more words