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The 10/13/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

Friday’s bullish reversal at support off the 50 day MA sets up for a daily cycle low to form. 

The dollar printed its lowest point on Friday, day 24.  205 more words

Oil Signals A New Daily Cycle

Oil printed its lowest point on Monday, which was day 25. That is 5 days shy of the normal timing band for a daily cycle low. 93 more words

The 10/06/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar printed a bearish reversal on Friday, setting up a potential move down into a daily cycle low.

Friday was day 20 for the dollar’s daily cycle, placing the dollar in its timing band for seeking a daily cycle low. 193 more words

Oil Delivers A Buy Signal

Oil delivered a buy signal on Thursday.

There is a little uncertainty if day 23 represents an early DCL or was it a half cycle low. 78 more words

Oil Confirms Daily Cycle Decline

On Thursday we discussed how the bearish reversal was setting oil up for a decline into its daily cycle low. On Monday oil confirmed that it has begun its daily cycle decline. 93 more words

Change of Character

Stocks printed a new daily cycle high on Friday, which was day 28. That locks in a right translated cycle formation and confirms that 8/21 hosted an intermediate cycle low. 190 more words

The 9/29/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar closed above the declining trend line on Monday to confirm the new daily cycle.

The dollar continued higher, closing above the 50 day MA and the upper daily cycle band on Wednesday. 243 more words