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Gold Establishing A Daily Uptrend

Gold closed below the lower daily cycle band back in August to establish a daily downtrend.

Once a cycle has entered a downtrend it will remain in its downtrend until it can close back above the upper daily cycle band, which gold did in January. 66 more words

A Closer Look at the Dollar

The dollar lost the 50 day MA and also closed below the lower daily cycle band on Tuesday. The close below the lower daily cycle band indicates an end to the daily uptrend and also signals that the dollar has begun its intermediate cycle decline. 115 more words

The 1/13/17 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

After peaking on day 16, the dollar formed a swing high & closed below the upper daily cycle band to signal the daily cycle decline. 212 more words

Possible Turning Signals

The dollar printed a bullish reversal on Thursday which is a potential turning signal for the dollar.

Thursday was day 23 for the dollar’s daily cycle. 188 more words

NIKL, You should have known by now.

This one is very easy to understand. This is a conservative view, if you look closely it will show you something better. #dontbelievethehype

What other people say… 84 more words


Growing Bearish Divergence

Stocks have been closing above the upper daily cycle band, which indicates that they are in a daily uptrend. Despite being in a daily uptrend, some bearish concerns are beginning to develop. 104 more words