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The 10/21/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar continued to rally this week and printed a new high on Friday, day 31.

This daily cycle is stretched and overdue for a daily cycle decline. 163 more words

The 10/14/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar continued to rally this week, closing at its weekly high on Friday.

Friday was day 26 for the daily dollar cycle. That places the dollar in its timing band to seek a daily cycle low. 304 more words

The 10/13/16 Morning Report

Stocks appear to be rolling over into an intermediate cycle decline.
Gold and the Miners are resisting the bullish dollar advance and appear to have bottomed. 151 more words

Questions about the Dollar

The dollar closed above the upper daily cycle band on Tuesday and delivered more bullish follow through on Thursday. This raises the question did day 14 host an early DCL? 429 more words

Looking for a NATGAS Daily Cycle Low

NATGAS closed below the upper daily cycle band on Thursday to begin its daily cycle decline.

NATGAS printed its lowest point on Monday, day 18, following its day 10 peak . 90 more words

What Animal Are You In The Investment World?

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

The investment world is full of animals, and traditionally, there are four. And this is not just limited to people who are interested in investing. 521 more words

Money Matters

Equity Cycle Low is Nigh

Stocks printed their lowest point on Monday following the day 34 peak. Monday was day 53 for the daily equity cycle. That places stocks late in their timing band to print a daily cycle low. 149 more words