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Possible Miner Low

The Miners possibly printed their daily cycle low on Thursday.

The Miners daily cycles have run 16, 22, 22, 19, and 22 days respectively since emerging from its bear market low in January. 147 more words

Miner Concerns

In Monday’s report we discussed how the Miners are in a daily uptrend and a daily swing low would allow them to remain in their daily uptrend. 212 more words

Miner Uptrend

The Miners have been in a daily uptrend since emerging from its yearly cycle low.

The Miner uptrend is characterized by daily cycles that peak above the upper daily cycle band wth daily cycle lows forming above the lower daily cycle band. 138 more words

The 8/19/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

While day 27 is in the timing band for a daily cycle low, the lack declining trend line break makes it likely that the dollar is in an extended daily cycle decline with Thursday being day 39. 199 more words

Dollar Delivers Daily Downtrend

Prior to August the dollar had been consistently closing above the upper daily cycle band which indicated that it was in a daily uptrend. Since August began, that has changed. 295 more words

The 8/18/16 Morning Report

Stocks are in their timing band to seek out a daily cycle low. Stocks have printed 2 swing highs but has failed to deliver any bearish follow through into a daily cycle decline. 82 more words

The 8/12/16 Weekend Report Preview

The Dollar

The dollar was rejected by the 200 MA which prevented it from breaking above the declining trend line. That makes it possible that Friday was day 35 of an extended daily cycle. 193 more words