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Jobs, jobs, and less jobs

Are we puppets on a string? It is striking that the would-be Presidents on the Right (whether “establishment moderate” or conservative) are all promising more “jobs” to the electorate, while entirely ignoring the labor question (assertions of exploitation, the nature of toil, labor competition between ethnicities, “races”  and genders) that has roiled the world since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. 329 more words


Place-based Approach of Community Action: Place, Opportunity, & Social Mobility

Written by Lauren Cook, Program Analyst, NASCSP

New research has been released that emphasizes the impact of a child’s neighborhood on their chances of social mobility. 841 more words


How to Expand Economic Mobility

My blog addresses the three main economic and fiscal issues facing the U.S. today: slow growth, economic inequality and massive debt. Today I focus on inequality by referring to a recent article by the Manhattan Institute’s Scott Winship, “ 312 more words

Jack Heidel

Low-Income Children Can Move Up If They Grow Up in a Good Place

We know you’ve got to choose the right parents if you want to wind up higher on the income scale — or so the research tells us. 1,075 more words


Deep Breath of Remember - Barnyard Liturgy (Part 3)

Core Identity

My heart is an idol factory.  I am blissfully blind to them, for the most part, because idols are usually good things that I bank on to satisfy my deepest needs and hopes.  948 more words

Barnyard Liturgy

The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up: How Your Area Compares

King County is very good for income mobility for children in poor families. It is better than about 81 percent of counties.

Location matters – enormously. 633 more words

Closing Achievement Gap

The Helio Sequence - The Helio Sequence

The Helio Sequence are entering at the stage in their career where they’re not new and starry-eyed but grizzled veterans of the music business. Forming in Portland, Oregon in 1999, the minimalistic duo (consisting of only lead vocalist and guitarist Brandon Summers and keyboardist and drummer Benjamin Weikel) have hustled their way through their careers, becoming more than just a rock duo, attempting to move into the production side of the industry. 664 more words