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How to control world finance

Did you ever wonder how the 1% keeps control of the world—or at least of the world’s money? The answer just leaked out in a government study of social mobility… 1,343 more words

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Exempt salary means that you are exempt from being paid overtime. Whether you work 30 hours, or 60 hours, you’re still paid the same. As of today, in my country, (America) the old law stands which means as long as you’re making at least $23,600, you are exempt from being paid overtime. 210 more words

True Truth

What I Want for My Children

Upward mobility—of course
Don’t we all?

But not in the form of things
Like cars and jobs and houses

The evolution I crave
On their behalf… 110 more words

Godly progress vs worldly progress

I easily allow myself to be motivated and disheartened by using a gimcrack scale to measure progress. But by grace and life’s “setbacks”, I’m coming to learn the difference between Godly progress and worldly progress.   401 more words


Can the Real Ng'ang'a the Blogger Stand Alone?

‘I urge you to get out of stupor , find, pinpoint  and settle for what you are passionate about and that what gives you maximum  satisfaction…

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From Ben Kritz: Gods and Clods

Gods and Clods

Although this was written three years ago, I find it still relevant and applicable to the current political and election situation the Philippines is currently in. 6 more words


Envying the Child I was.

It’s a matter of you leading/following or getting out of the way ”. Ng’ang’a The Blogger

There was a time I was and I used to be a weaning baby, yes a toothless child.

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