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Back to Beverly Hills

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things.  I do have a moustache, so maybe I am not really plagiarizing as I begin.   1,802 more words


Status report: A snapshot of my life right now

On Tuesday 12/02, my therapist asked for a thumbnail summary of my overall situation.

I said, “I have goals, I’m taking concrete steps toward those goals, and I have a ton of hope.” 420 more words

The Homeless Blogger

Is the rise in inequality eroding trust?

U.S. leaders care a great deal about capital formation—the creation of the buildings, equipment, and other infrastructure that allow the economy to grow. Policies designed to encourage it, like more money for highways or bigger tax writeoffs for R&D investment, get serious hearings on Capitol Hill. 775 more words

Latest From The Weekly Leaf

The Take Away from This Semester

Throughout my research, I have learned a lot more about my ancestors than I knew previously. Since my grandparents have passed away, it has been difficult to uncover any details about their parents’ journey to the United States. 767 more words

Southern Italy

Want the American Dream? Then move to the Twin Cities, young professionals told

Are you just out of college and chasing the American Dream? Then you should head to the Twin Cities.

That is the verdict of The Atlantic… 455 more words


The dharma of our times


*Don’t worry this is not about India and poop, although this is a subject worth looking up.

Cultural absolutism on the rocks

It can be amazing what length people will go to look for a sustaining ideology. 1,323 more words