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Dear Religous fanatics, atheists are not satanists

Human beings of sound mind and character have the freedom of fundamentally questioning anything that comes their way. They will instigate wars or embark on meticulous researches just to find that microscopic organism that results to pandemics of disease. 999 more words


Nightcap - Nov 15

AI and Neuroprosthetics are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


How important is social mobility for innovation and growth?

Raj Chetty is a rising star in economics. After graduating from Harvard at the age of 23, he became an assistant professor at Berkeley, where he got tenure only four years later. 146 more words



Sally slid silently onto her desk seat and let her feet dangle. She wore a soft violet jumper, with a white T-shirt. Across her T-shirt’s back, black marker lines made a licorice smelling, spider-web pattern. 283 more words

Two Images of Poverty

In discussions of poverty in 2014, Republican lawmakers reaffirmed their belief in a supposed “culture of dependency” surrounding “entitlement” programs. The Democrats’ response defended social welfare and expressed a need to raise the minimum wage. 1,833 more words


How to control world finance

Did you ever wonder how the 1% keeps control of the world—or at least of the world’s money? The answer just leaked out in a government study of social mobility… 1,343 more words

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Exempt salary means that you are exempt from being paid overtime. Whether you work 30 hours, or 60 hours, you’re still paid the same. As of today, in my country, (America) the old law stands which means as long as you’re making at least $23,600, you are exempt from being paid overtime. 210 more words

True Truth