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There are many things that prevent me to move forward, I have to say, the biggest roadblock happens to be myself. I sometimes get it in my head that it’s time to give up and I believe it. 34 more words

Want to be Excellent? Surround Yourself with Excellent People

You are an Average of Five People you Hang Out With

Every person was ,will or is great because of the kind of people he surrounds himself with. 752 more words

Power Talks

Stephen A. Smith IS a Racist and How ESPN Perpetuates Bigotry By Keeping Him Hired

The lie that is “Institutional Racism” as a basis to allow blacks freedom to hate in the 21st Century

By the Bug

ESPN personality, alleged journalist, sub par writer, full-time clown, professional egomaniac, and pathological bullshitter, Stephen A. 1,286 more words

Study: Univ. of California schools do the most for low-income students

The New York Times’ Upshot blog this month placed University of California schools at the top of its ranking for colleges that do the most for low-income students. 515 more words


Upwards and On!

With an intricate background instrumentation of plinking guitars and a defining drumming beat, The Helio Sequence’s “Upward Mobility” is strikingly modern. But lead singer Brandon Summer’s vocals straddle the fine line between current and retro. 173 more words

Thoughts on Lifting Others Up...Efficiently

As a woman who had the good fortune of being born in a very liberal society, where I was not only allowed, but also encouraged, to think for myself, I struggle with the knowledge that there are millions (billions?) of women around the world who cannot enjoy even remotely similar advantages.  244 more words

Jobs, jobs, and less jobs

Are we puppets on a string? It is striking that the would-be Presidents on the Right (whether “establishment moderate” or conservative) are all promising more “jobs” to the electorate, while entirely ignoring the labor question (assertions of exploitation, the nature of toil, labor competition between ethnicities, “races”  and genders) that has roiled the world since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. 329 more words