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WEALTH INEQUALITY will destroy America.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

 –Nelson Mandela (South Africa President, Activist)

How do American’s increase their wealth?

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Matthew Albertell

A Short Distance from Southie, but a World Away

Tara Wanda Merrigan | Longreads | September 2017 | 14 minutes (3,431 words)

South Boston, my first world, extends out on the Boston Harbor like an oversized jetty. 3,612 more words


A catastrophe waiting

Since 08, almost 50% of jobs went into low-income occupations. Those jobs are now in serious jeopardy of automation. With no future for education, no upward mobility, a widening wealth gap, and no solution in sight, I find it troubling that no one is taking this as serious as they should be. 158 more words

Wealth Gap

Who are the Dalits? What Does it Mean to be One?

A Thinking Out Loud Exclusive

Note: Today’s article is the product of two face-to-face meetings with the author, who is not being named for security reasons. 1,498 more words


Swimming against the tide

The Trump administration’s alternative Christianity

In recent weeks, I have become strongly motivated to become upwardly mobile. This raises theological issues.

Phil Zuckerman is a non-believer. 350 more words


4 Benefits of Working for a Startup

If you’re seeking employment but haven’t had any luck thus far, perhaps it’s time to look into startups. New companies are hidden gems of opportunity, especially for young professionals who are entering the workforce. 326 more words


Why upward social mobility means some people move downwards

Originally published by The Conversation on 17th July 2017. 

A damning report into social mobility has concluded that successive UK governments have failed to tackle the issue for the past 20 years. 828 more words

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