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Spirit of Enthusiasm

“Just as a stagnant water produces a bad smell , so is a stagnant career , it breeds frustration and low morale. ”

It took some weeks for me to try and apprehend what the term enthusiasm means and among the best description of the word I got was that enthusiasm is  “the spirit of god within”.

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Be You-World Will Adjust

“No façade, no pretence, no rules or limits; just you and only you. “

Ng’ang’a The Blogger

One of this recent days i decided to have a nature  walk with one of my closest associate  along the way we saw a group of women chit-chatting  some distance ahead of us and  one of them happened to be expectant to mean that any soon she would bring a new creature to planet earth.

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Disrupt The Status Quo

Strive to be a Visionary. 

Some people would wish to continue to hover in the territories of their own familiarity. They fear to get out terrains that they are not accustomed to. 608 more words


What I'm Reading Wednesday: Chesnutt (12/2)

Hello, all! I hope this midweek post finds you in chipper spirits.

As I mentioned on Monday, I’ve read a lot of things this semester. I’ve pretty much got the next couple months covered in academic readings alone, to be honest. 484 more words

What I'm Reading Wednesday

What is Your Worth?

Discover what your true value is

If you are in Kenya and you happen to have a 1000 Ksh note and then something odd happens to the note lets say its torn into two but still you can afford to stitch it nicely  or it get dirtied, or so forth ,you will be surprised when you go with the same note to a supermarket that  you will be  able purchase goods worth the same amount  the same way a person with a brand new note can. 443 more words



There are many things that prevent me to move forward, I have to say, the biggest roadblock happens to be myself. I sometimes get it in my head that it’s time to give up and I believe it. 34 more words

Want to be Excellent? Surround Yourself with Excellent People

You are an Average of Five People you Hang Out With

Every person was ,will or is great because of the kind of people he surrounds himself with. 752 more words

Power Talks