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Upward Mobility

In just about every election the voters hear stories about the American Dream.  A candidate will go into detail about how they went from rags to riches or lifted themselves up by their own bootstrap.  666 more words

On The Media

Chapter X - Arlene -A Woman of the Great Migration -HELLO CHICAGO - CHICAGO!!

Katy Mae, tall, attractive with thick dark eyebrows and very slender and her husband, Freddy, jolly, ambitious and full of fun lived in a nice apartment building on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.   1,272 more words

rude people

a curious development in our devolution was the slow death of truth.. duplicity became a key tool that qualified us socially and professionally..warm friendly good looking people shamelessly spewed forth unspeakable fiction regarding others to upgrade their own situation, and to denigrate that of others.. 285 more words

 Hidden Anxieties of the White Working Class

Donald Trump won the election by what once seemed a far-fetched strategy: energize working-class whites, especially those in rural locales and the Rust Belt. Trump’s economic and cultural appeals to working-class whites have been widely analyzed by the media. 951 more words


Dear Religous fanatics, atheists are not satanists

Human beings of sound mind and character have the freedom of fundamentally questioning anything that comes their way. They will instigate wars or embark on meticulous researches just to find that microscopic organism that results to pandemics of disease. 999 more words


Nightcap - Nov 15

AI and Neuroprosthetics are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


How important is social mobility for innovation and growth?

Raj Chetty is a rising star in economics. After graduating from Harvard at the age of 23, he became an assistant professor at Berkeley, where he got tenure only four years later. 146 more words