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Floating on cloud nine

Somehow, I was still floating on cloud nine yesterday afternoon, even after discovering exactly how heavy 1,000 books truly are. Most of them are now tucked away upstairs, after Dad, Mom, and my Aunt Sue drove to Cambridge, Massachusetts to pick them up. 150 more words


Cast Your Soul Wide

The energy of the sun is streaming toward the earth all the time.  Most of the energy we have chosen to make use of is old, condensed sunlight.

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Butterfly yellow car

This thought won’t go far.

Up it drifts, up,

furthens, beyond.


Up, up and away!

“You must do something to make the world more beautiful.”

These words of wisdom, from a grandfather to a small girl, are at the heart of the beloved children’s book… 203 more words


Wow, we've arrived at our new website

The more twists and bumps in the road, the slower you go and the more time there is for learning, reflection, and appreciating the scenery along the way.

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I wish I could have told you not to worry. That it wasn’t necessary. To trust in the moon and count the stars until you fall asleep, because on the other side there is safety and warmth. 55 more words


I'm On My Way Up. My New Website is Up and Running! Here's To New Beginnings. Thank God for My Village!

It takes a village to raise a child. I also say, “It takes a village to help you reach your destiny.” With the help of an amazing web graphic designer Adrian Bostic of @Bosgraphdesign who also designed my cover for my book, my website… 473 more words