Review: Under the Eagle (Eagle, #1) by Simon Scarrow

I really enjoyed parts of this novel. Other parts kinda bored me. Here we have a young 17-year-old man who joins the Roman army right before an invasion of England. 338 more words


Review: Billy and Me (Billy and Me, #1) by Giovanna Fletcher

** spoiler alert ** Oh dear…sorry….but oh dear….it’s time to admit that I don’t hate “chick lit”…okay maybe I hate that term…but I actually do enjoy a light-hearted romantic romp around now and again… 355 more words


Musings #3: Are We Thankful?

It’s Thanksgiving, the weekend when Americans eat too much, shop too much, and watch too much football. Although, I’m not sure that makes it much different from any other weekend in America. 600 more words


Review: Geisha With Green Eyes by India Millar

Mixed reviews on this one. I will quickly say that it felt like borderline erotica that was poorly executed. I also think that at the start that the writing style was mimic of the writing style of “Memories of a Geisha”, but where in MoaG it felt authentic, in this novel it just felt amateurish and childish. 326 more words


Musings #2: Is Knowledge Still Power?

“My destination is no longer a place, but a new way of seeing.” –Marcel Proust

Which is more important, what we know, or how we know it?

347 more words

Astronomy Classes

On Saturday Simon had his second astronomy workshop at the local observatory. The pages below is “homework”. He wasn’t particularly enthusiastic doing it but found tasks 4, 5 and 8 intriguing and was proud of himself when everything was completed.  202 more words