Review: The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See

Ah, Lisa See has done it again.

Her books are always a favourite because there is so much more than what is written on the pages. 350 more words


Apollon; The next Transneptunian (TNP)

The energy of Apollon is like Jupiter on steroids. That is to say it is in general an expansion energy. Keywords that apply to Apollon are commerce/business, more than one spreading out, many. 417 more words

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Review and Revisit: Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery

Calliope has already reviewed this novel a while back. I waited several months to include mine…one because I wanted her review to stand out as she is the true “HEA” reader between the two of us, whilst I am merely an imposter that pretends to from time to time (reel your neck in…I don’t pretend to love anything…hahahahahaha, so this review is a true reflection of how I felt about the book). 209 more words


Review: First Comes Love by Emily Griffin

I’ve read many Emily Giffin books in my time…This was nothing like any of the previous books that I’ve read by her. If you’re looking for some silly lighthearted reading, this isn’t the book I would recommend to you. 378 more words


Review: A Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell

This series is just breathtaking. Seriously, I kid you naught, it left me breathless more than once. I won’t say that Cornwell’s battle scenes are g rated, but I have read much more graphic…however Cornwell does have me having to slow myself down, alternately, afraid of what I am about to read, whilst at the same time trying to rush ahead to see what happens next. 436 more words


uránia nemzeti filmszínház

Four our last Contemporary Literature, Film and Visual Arts in Hungary class, we all me at a theater to see a movie that had just come out about a refugee in Hungary, who was trying to get citizenship here. 40 more words

Review: A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry

How does one even attempt to review such a scopious novel? Seriously…I think I need to weep, but there’s just nothing left inside of me at the moment. 292 more words