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Undervalued Uranium Miners About To Reverse Higher

Japan’s devastating disasters last year derailed some growth in the nuclear industry world-wide, but demand for uranium is poised to strengthen after the nation that fed doubts over safety approved its first restart of nuclear reactors since the catastrophe. 135 more words

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How This Small Uranium Miner Could Become A Blue Chip U.S. Producer

Uranerz Energy (URZ) represents low hanging fruit on the vine of the energy tree which is ready for the picking.  Your editor intuits the implications behind the news. 92 more words

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Major Institutional Buying and Heavy Volume In Uranium Participation Corporation

Gold Stock Trades (GST) has been in the vanguard in affirming that uranium stocks are undervalued.  They had been pummeled unfairly.  Using a boxing metaphor, when Fukushima was sending them to the mat they should’ve been down for the count.  118 more words

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Uranium Stocks Should Rebound in 2011

The Cassandras of the media beat the drums of fear concerning Japan’s millennial tragedy, which has been a confluence of perfect storms. There has been a great deal of bad news coming out of Japan which the press has spun into a blanket condemnation of the entire nuclear industry. 155 more words

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Nuclear Energy and Uranium Mining Stocks Rebound

There’s an old saying in investing: Buy a winter coat in the summer. Uranium stocks are certainly out of season and deeply discounted. Media coverage has shifted from the destruction of the earthquake to the negative aspects of nuclear energy. 76 more words

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Small Business Owner: Your Monday Morning stock tip for investing your cash

I am starting a weekly series every monday to give owners proactive ideas for investing their cash. Many owners are aware of the dangers of inflation, the decline of the dollar, and investing in gold as a hedge. 307 more words

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Current Worldwide #Uranium Production From Mines $AEFI $BHP

This map shows current worldwide uranium production from mines. A prominent use of uranium from mining is as fuel for nuclear power plants.

The worldwide production of uranium in 2009: 50,572 tonnes… 60 more words

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