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Third Uranus Square Pluto, Eleven Degree Iron Butterfly!

The May 18 chart below is to show you an equidistant planetary pattern called a Trapezoid, an Iron Butterfly.  In this case, the four planets in the Butterfly are all at 11 degrees.  1,165 more words


Dec 21 Mayan Alignment, 26,000 Year Calendar Chart!

Whether or not the calendar readers or historians have picked the right date, we do live in magical times!  I am very happy to celebrate this special time at Winter Solstice!  529 more words

Sun Signs

Dynamite! Nov 15, 16 Saturn inconjunct Uranus, Trine Chiron + Mars with Uranus square Pluto!

Nov 15 and 16 TWO Important Saturn aspects! 

These two aspects are at 4 Scorpio 56 and 4 Scorpio 59!  VERY close, actually, a strongly linked threesome! 764 more words