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Happy Discovery Day, Neptune!

Hey, everyone. Happy Friday. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re having a great day to end the week, and a great, starry weekend ahead of you. 473 more words

German graphite mine to open this year in Mozambique

Mozambique’s natural resources and geographical location are arousing the interest of German investors.

This is according to Friedrich Kaufmann, the head of the German Chamber of Commerce for Southern Africa in Maputo. 620 more words

September 2016

The other half of the pair of September's eclipses arrives

The art is a repost. Found an error in the work. Just what Mercury retrograde does, find errors. Smiles


Introduction to Astrology

Astrology can be considered the world’s oldest celestial science. Since the earliest times, watching the sky has been a part of man’s life. The seasonal changes were marked by the longest and shortest days (the solstices), and by the times when night and day were the same length (equinoxes), this became a simple calendar for hunting and planting. 536 more words


The Planets

Planets represent different cosmic forces that affect your basic character traits and your changing urges and needs. They provide the energies that drive your physical, emotional, mental, and intuitional systems. 692 more words


Cycles Within Cycles

As sure as night follows day, there is the inevitability that as the planets orbit, we will all experience a planetary transit, but what is… 520 more words

The Basics of the Houses & Planets

Natural Rulerships and Exaltations of planets in the houses

Your mars sign or any other planet can gather strength from being in certain houses, for instance Aries rules the first houses and Mars. 2,309 more words

A Little Bit Of You