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Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus (September 2015)

Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus (September 2015)

Very nearly missed this one, which perfects in a few hours.  Being an outer planet (generational planet) aspect, it has been in effect for several weeks and will affect most if not all of the month of September.   95 more words



Am văzut provocarea, o arătai mută. Studiul și exploarea, am făcut apel la ele, tu erai, eu de jur-împrejur, și văile și dealurile tale între noi… Mi-am așezat palmele și cu degetele ți-am răsfirat cotiturile și adînciturile. 117 more words


Unraveling the frozen Uranus

This is planet Uranus. Looks like a ball of ice with some rings around. Well, it’s almost that. This gas giant is 4 times the size of our Earth and is mainly composed by molecular hydrogen and helium. 217 more words


VIRGO - that Perfect Imperfection

by Barry Kerr, Evolutionary Astrologer

  • Dates:           Aug 21 – Sept 20
  • Ruled by:     Mercury
  • Element:      Earth

Though true for everyone, the following information will feel more relevant to you if your sun, north node, Chiron and/or a group of other planets are in Virgo on your birth chart. 819 more words


September 2015 Urban Observing

Special events

Star party

If you happen to be in southeast Michigan on September 25 or 26, head to Kensington Metropark! Kensington Astronomy at the Beach is the biggest astronomy event in the area, and a very unique one. 699 more words


This Beautiful Webcomic Shows Why Our "Mathematical Skies" Have Not Lost Their Wonder

People of past civilizations had their own ideas of what the stars in the night sky are… distant campfires, lights shining through holes in a vast blanket covering the Earth, deceased ancestors, countless and constantly-traveling gods… whether or not they… 228 more words


Researcher Claims Discovery of ‘Jesus in the Stars’

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — A historical researcher claims to have discovered what appears to be a representation of the crucifixion “in the stars” on the day Jesus is believed to have died. 396 more words

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