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Uranus & Neptune: Crash Course Astronomy #19 by...

Uranus & Neptune: Crash Course Astronomy #19

by thecrashcourse:

Today we’re rounding out our planetary tour with ice giants Uranus and Neptune. Both have small rocky cores, thick mantles of ammonia, water, and methane, and atmospheres that make them look greenish and blue.

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Thoughts For Your Hole- Excerpts from my Court Case before I was sent to Jail, by Smith Q. Johns

Your Honor, members of the jury, in closing, I have this to say:

If the world is my oyster then Uranus would be significantly closer, right? 148 more words


I've been thinking about... Will this year ever end?

How long does it take each planet to go around the sun?

Well, this is fascinating.

As an amateur astronomer for many years, I’ve watched the planets cross the night sky countless times.  320 more words


How to calculate your horizon distance

While on a recent trip to the remote South Atlantic island of St Helena (exile place of Napoleon, and location of Edmond Halley’s observatory) I ascended the highest mountain on the island, Diana’s Peak. 737 more words

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25th May 1934. Eight Rocks from the Sun.

‘Observe how system into system runs, What other planets circle other suns’?Alexander Pope: Essay on Man.

The composer Gustav Holst died Today in 1934, is best remembered for his Planets Suite, regarding the astrological characteristics of Mars, the Bringer of War; Venus the Bringer of Peace etc.- names of which we owe to the Roman gods.(1) 442 more words