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Pallas: The last of our study of the big four asteroids!

By Colleen Schmidt

Pallas also known as Pallas Athena or Athena in some cultures, is said to be born from her father Zeus’s forehead and as a result she is said to be crafty and slow to anger. 412 more words

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NASA to finally probe Uranus

After years of begging and pleading and doing extra dishes at the office, Scientist Dr. Harold Ball, was finally given the green light to probe Uranus. 351 more words


Space Trivia

Dear Furiends,

Do you like space trivia? I do. So I was very interested to learn that some environments are so different from what I am familiar with that on Neptune and Uranus, it can ‘literally rain diamonds.’ Now if that isn’t something that underscores how strange some places can be, I don’t know what you might think is odd. 11 more words

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