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The Awakened Heart: An Eclipse Story

The Awakened Heart is sovereign, wise and open
pain, sorrow and disappointment, at her court, all are welcome.

Loving more, because they are there,
she allows herself to soften into everything she feels. 438 more words


8/20/1977 - A Trip to Uranus and Neptune - Voyager 2 Launches to the Outer Planets

8/20/1977 – The Voyager 2 spacecraft launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida, sending the probe to the outer solar system to visit the Gas Giants. Launched just 16 days before its twin probe, Voyager 1, the Voyager 2 mission took a slower route to the outer solar system, allowing it flybys of Jupiter and Saturn before slingshotting out to become the only spacecraft to have visited Uranus and Neptune. 31 more words


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

By now, not only astrologers but most of North America are rolling deep in Eclipse Fever. Symptoms include pending travel plans, missed school or work, and irrational hope that the stars will fix what the polls couldn’t. 284 more words

Part of my Charm

People often times say “you can’t get by on your good looks alone”, maybe their wrong. As I inch closer to the dreaded 40’s I find myself freaking out in a way I never expected. 1,357 more words

The Solar Eclipse of Great Shadow

August 21.2017

New Moon in Leo
Total Solar Eclipse in Leo

Many are primed and focused on this upcoming Eclipse and much has already been written about it. 1,013 more words


Malachite: The "Maater" of Heart Print Reprogramming ( My Personal Experience)

Malachite has been assisting me greatly here lately and it packs a punch *in my Dave Chappelle voice* lol. Malachite is right in your face, quick, and to the point with matters of the heart, and I love that. 408 more words

Healing Energy