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Georgian Comet-Mania and the Man Who Began It

Last month I set out to research the Bath Road and stayed for a few days in Bath. Although I hadn’t intended finding out about the astronomer Sir William Herschel I found he was hard to miss and soon realised that his would have been a name on everyone’s lips in Georgian London – the instigator of a Georgian “comet craze.” 661 more words

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Lady of the Water

The sacred color of Deity Hathor is Turquoise, although she has numerous colors including Gold (The Golden One) and Red (Daughter of Ra). 36 more words


The Titans

An incestuous relationship between Gaia, primordial earth goddess, and her son Uranus, god of the sky, produced the Titans, the giant early gods of Greek myth. 58 more words


The Planets As Needy Children

I’ve found that giving planets, particularly outer planets, their due attention is very important.  Addressing all parts of your natal chart is critical, because a balanced self is the key to a balanced life.  1,236 more words



The seventh planet Uranus, is one of ice giant next to Neptune, and third largest planet in the solar system, however its weight is less than Neptune. 521 more words


Beltane, a turning point and the Second Uranus Square.

Beltane is the time of year when, as a Pagan, I look to celebrating the Great Gateway to Summer. It is always a positive time, heralding a time of fertility, fruitfulness and creativity. 1,270 more words

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Esoteric: Book of Genesis related to Greek Mythology

Here is what appears to be a direct relationship between Greek Mythologies and the Book of Genesis (KJV). Here are the first 12 verses. After that it seems that the new generation begins. 358 more words