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Ceramic Neptune and Uranus

Today I have got the ceramic pieces out of the kiln and I am really pleased with how they have come out. They have turned out much whiter than I thought they would and they catch the light really well, casting shadows on one side of the curve and reflecting slightly off the other. 34 more words


Making The Moulds S2

I have now poured both Plaster parts and removed the Plasticine from one side ready to pour in the silicon. Below are the stages I recorded doing this- 105 more words


So Whats up With Uranus in Astrology ?

Uranus wasn’t found until 1781. As one of the furthest planets, it moves rather gradually through the zodiac. The outcome is that its impact is felt more generationally than separately. 206 more words


Higher Octave Planets

Time to dust off this blog!

The higher octave planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The planets represent energies in the chart, so think of these higher octaves as higher vibrations of the three personal planets they connect to, namely Mercury, Venus and Mars. 410 more words


Astrology and Adoption

Curious to know how adoption plays out in the birth chart? Watch my video to find out! Also if you have any experiences with adoption and notice it in your chart, please share! :)

Thanks! Katie


Modern Planetary Rulers: An Evolutionary Perspective

As the collective consciousness of humanity has expanded and the human psyche is now capable of integrating more abstract concepts, Modern Planetary Rulers have been assigned to the signs as follows: 581 more words