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MONDAY MAY 4, 2015

~ Mr. Big is still in town and the ‘Goddess of Emoting’ is over-reacting to just about everything. Tap into your creativity but channel the urge to over-do anything you choose to pursue. 219 more words


Current Transits: May 2015

By Barry Kerr

Sun moved into Taurus on April 20

Last month, fiery Aries renewed our impulse to assert our spirit into the world. Now, Taurus grounds that intention into the physical, starting with the denseness of our bodies, extending out to all the practical, physical resources we need, and reaching further to that which we want and desire. 688 more words




~ The ‘Goddess of Emoting’ is motivated to take some action to begin the day. She is looking for some excitement but will seem to be indecisive. 302 more words


Questions and answers, astrology style!

I have done quite a number of interviews over the years, both in magazines, newspapers, and more recently on the Web. To entertain you on my return from a refreshing sabbatical from blogging, spent partly sitting staring into space, and partly travelling, here are a few of my favourite interview questions and answers… 609 more words


Uranus or George?

The planet Uranus is well-known. But what if it was called George?

“The planet George”. Has a nice ring to it :)

Actually, this is a true fact: Uranus was almost named George. 21 more words


Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962)

Did you know that in the year 2001 we conquered long-distance space travel, achieved nuclear disarmament, and handed over the entire world’s sovereignty to the United Nations? 500 more words

Brandon Ledet