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Saturn Square Sun ~ Synastry

Saturn Square Sun

Saturn Rules Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn is an Earth Sign

Aquarius is an Air Sign.

Saturn is restrictions, structure, stability, security, long-term gains, the bigger picture. 422 more words


Uranus Square Pluto ~ Synastry

Uranus Square Pluto

Uranus is ruled by Aquarius and an Air Sign. (Thoughts)

Aquarius is emotional detachment, logical, practical, emotionally objective, and a thinker.

Uranus is the Great Awakener, the jolt, the bolt of lightning that enters unexpectedly. 505 more words


Jupiter Square Uranus ~ Synastry

Jupiter Square Uranus

Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius.

Uranus Rules Aquarius.

Sagittarius is the ethical and moral officer, plays by the natural law of god, plays by the legal laws of civilization, and may base their choice off philosophy, religion, spiritual, legal laws, and more a natural lawyer. 380 more words


14 April 18: The Fool

Go with the flow. The Fool you are familiar with as the Joker in a regular pack of playing cards, so that’s a good place to start to understand this important character of the Tarot. 398 more words


Luna nouă în Berbec – 16 aprilie 2018

Astrologie Evolutivă

Momentele de Lună nouă sunt întotdeauna așteptate și dorite deoarece știm că acestea reprezintă momente bune de pus intenții, reprezintă noi începuturi, drumuri noi, gânduri noi, proiecte noi etc. 1,050 more words