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Beyond Lunar Limits: Lilith as a Conduit for Impersonal Transcendence

The usual discourse on Lilith begins with its discovery, followed by the emphasis on raw  feminine energy, coupled with empowering exertion. As a result of the growing interest in Lilith, both mythologically and as an astrological point, this post intends to forego the above and instead, focus on Lilith as means of attaining personal transcendence through the implementation of detached consciousness. 348 more words

Natal Chart

Taurus New Moon- April 26, 2017! Time to kiss yesterday goodbye!

New Moon in Taurus April 26, 2017 6:48 am CST
New Moon Taurus
We are entering a new era of both technology and ground breaking advancements in 2017! 1,704 more words


Basics of Synastry: Part One

The Foundation

Synastry is, to put it simply, the astrology of relationships. It’s commonly referred to as compatibility, though most references to astrological compatibility only reach the very surface of synastry, and thus are not reliable. 1,061 more words

Heavenly Bodies

Astrological Musings & More

Uranus, discovered in 1781, represents the unconventional. Who could argue with that when the planet, unlike all the others in our solar system, rotates on its side? 859 more words


Mosh-Pit in Aries Today!

The Sign of Aries serves as host for several travelers today, as the Moon, Mercury, and Uranus all congregate there. The Moon is especially quick, and Mercury is no foot-dragger, either, so this configuration won’t last for very long. 493 more words


Sciency Words: Uranus (An A to Z Challenge Post)

Today’s post is a special A to Z Challenge edition of Sciency Words, an ongoing series here on Planet Pailly where we take a look at some interesting science or science related term so we can all expand our scientific vocabularies together. 353 more words

Sciency Words