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Sky-High Paper Wigs Topped With Modern Luxuries by Asya Kozina | Colossal

Paper artist Asya Kozina was inspired by the decadent wigs found in Baroque and Rococo still lifes, tall masses of hair adorned with objects that represent the ideals of luxury and beauty in the 17th and 18th centuries. 24 more words



San Francisco as seen from Twin Peaks this past Friday – almost a week after the North Bay wildfires began – as the smoke has settled in. 39 more words


Nightland: Photos by Michael Streckbein

Photos of a train yard at night by Cologned-based photographer Michael Streckbein.

Source: Nightland: Photos by Michael Streckbein


Can the world's megacities survive the digital age?

Research shows that technology disrupts economies of scale, turning megacities’ huge populations from strength to liability. To survive, megacities, like companies, must adapt.

Source: Can the world’s megacities survive the digital age?


Bowling Alleys: Photos by Robert Götzfried

Never knew bowling alleys could look so stunning. This series by Munich-based photographer Robert Götzfried takes a look at bowling alleys shot in Southern Germany. 8 more words