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Roof Terraces & Water Towers

My fascination with Manhattan’s roof terraces is equal to my admiration of its water towers. There is something incredibly beautiful, nostalgic and lyrical about these round wooden fixtures, I find particularly attractive.

September 10th, 2016

New York

The Standard


Built in 2009 around The High Line, the hotel offers unobstructed views of the City, Hudson river, people visiting restrooms and, scandalously, hot amorous couples showing off through the floor-to-ceiling windows in their rooms, turning unsuspecting passersby into unintended peeping toms. 69 more words

New York

The Ugly Giant

Arrived in December 2015 to rival the Gehry skyscraper – in height but not in beauty. 432 Park Avenue is seen by many as an eyesore; its super tall, super thin square shape appears like rising out of nowhere and bears no relation to neighouring buildings. 40 more words

New York

The Jenga Building

Church Street, Tribeca

September 5th, 2016

New York

Modernity, Theocracy, Architecture, and the City: A Study of the Churches of Cork City

Robert O Mahony, 114414572.

The development of modernity throughout history has had a profound effect on the varied experience of living in a city. Although modernity was born from the Enlightenment, which lead to the shattering of the religious ceiling which hindered social progress (Linehan 2009), the process has given rise to an urban architecture which has enabled churches in Ireland to maintain some power by imbuing it in the urban landscape. 574 more words

Urban Architecture

The symbolic urban architecture of Milan

By Laura O’Connell 114464688

Upon visiting the contemporary and modern city of Milan it is quite clear that the urban architecture present there, particularly within the stunning Piazza del Duomo represents the transition of Milan from a historic to a modern city. 513 more words

Urban Architecture