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Ben's Sunbath

Hello everyone! I’m back for a new adventure in the UK. I guess you’ve all found out where exactly.

This is a fresh pic from Westminster Tube station and the famous Big Ben. 458 more words

Urban Architecture

A Visit to Emperor Wu Zetian's Palace

Wu Zetian, the first and only female emperor in China. Born into a wealthy family, she was privileged to have read aplenty and received quality education. 477 more words


1 ÷ Rush Hour

View from platform 24 at Gare Montparnasse, Paris.

Noon, empty station. A lot of sadness emerging from an empty train station. Like no emotion could be shared again. 13 more words

Urban Architecture

The Daily Grind - Korea

Seoul was a really interesting city to venture around (only saw a small portion) as it was a little less polished than Tokyo. There were more markets, street vendors, and little side stalls to eat in than I had seen living in Tokyo on average; there also seemed to be a more vibrant and thriving art/street art culture. 7 more words


Exhibit 86

I can’t really remember where I took this picture. It may have been London or Brighton. Or in Wales. As there was bright sunlight in one part of the scene and deep shadows in another it was obvious parts of the image would be lost either in blazing light or obliterating darkness.