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Things You Should Know Before Biking Around Nancy (My List of Pros, Cons, and Tips)

I was never really a bike commuter in Salt Lake City. Probably because the Salt Lake Valley is a stretch of 500-square-mile suburban sprawl with wide roads made for big cars and hills that make people of average fitness level break a sweat. 2,167 more words


Infographic: Tips for Drivers to Save Lives

Dear drivers,

Today as I nearly got clipped trying to cross the street in a crosswalk at a clearly marked intersection, I wondered whether the… 327 more words

Things To Ponder

They Beast

Last night, I had just returned home from a huge personal moment. I had regained the joy in singing before and with other people. I had sat in a room full of my trans and gender non conforming siblings and sung songs of unity, pride and defiance. 721 more words


Free Range Bike

Free Range Bike — By Heidi D. Hansen, FreeRangeBikecopyright2014. Email: hhansenma@yahoo.com

(Visual: Animated short. Yellow men’s Schwinn mountain bike wih no human rider, but a pair of Nikes harnessed to the bike petals. 1,720 more words

Free Range Bike: Compassion Passion

Free Range Bike: Portland’s Compassion Passion

The Boston Marathoners have inspired me. I am working harder than ever on my Hood to Coast Training and am taking my bridge phobia recovery more seriously — I have a new strategy. 1,359 more words

Free Range Bike: Uberize Me!

Free Range Bike: It’s Uber Time!

Uber and bike-sharing makes sense to me, so before zooming off today through the streets of Portland, I hung an Uber flag on my long bar. 671 more words

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How to Prevent Urban Biking Injuries

Urban dirt biking is a great way of unleashing inner dynamism of a true outdoor enthusiast. The thrill it delivers and the beauty it derives is pretty exceptional making energetic individuals attracted to biking. 488 more words