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Where is the real America?

A while back, my nephew posted a piece from FiveThirtyEight “”Normal America” is Not a Smal Town of White People” with a lament that Vermont, where he grew up and I live now, is not normal America.   807 more words


The drama of city life in Thimphu as seen through the eyes of taxi drivers

With rapid development of modern infrastructures and public facilities, Thimphu is now growing into a city that hardly sleeps as it gets crowded with people from all corners of the country. 740 more words

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NYC officials overseeing expansion of 'micro-apartment' development, as Agenda 21 pushes Americans into population-dense urban centers

Source: Natural News, by J. D. Heyes

If you’ve never heard of Agenda 21 – as in, an agenda for the 21st century – it is probably time that you familiarized yourself with it, because it’s a very real concept being pursued globally by a cabal of elitist masterminds who want nothing more than to control and “manage” every aspect of our lives. 378 more words

Agenda 21

More Sustained Growth for Cupertino with Smart Growth

Smart Growth was originally developed to help cities undergoing rapid growth to do it in a more sustained manner with sensitivity to its impact on the environment.  1,071 more words


Smart and Connected Communities Have Tightly Integrated Physical Networks

The National Science Foundation announced on the morning of September 14th that they are spearheading a White House initiative to “Cultivate Smart and Connected Communities… 1,004 more words

Black Males & Their Historical Crime Rates

Black Males & Their Historical Crime Rates

According to the U.S. Census the Negro population in 1900 was 8,833,994… and 87% of the Negroes still lived in the South. 345 more words


Does God Really Love Cities More?

The seminary program I’m in is one focused on urban centers, and to that end we end up reading writings by a crew of pastors and theologians and who want to give a theological emphasis to cities. 1,040 more words