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Omugole Caravan outreaches?

We anticipate to reach out to a total population of 5 million people in the six months dedicated to the Forum Theater shows and discussions and at least 4 million of these will be young people in and out of school. 112 more words

4 Million Children

All Strangers: a typical reflection on urban life

A couple of days ago, I read on Kuensel about how a Bhutanese official working at the Royal Bhutan Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand as Accountant was accidentally electrocuted while attempting to cross over the fence inside the residential area near the Embassy, but until yesterday, I never knew that he was my neighbor living just across the street here in Thimphu. 676 more words

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Where is the real America?

A while back, my nephew posted a piece from FiveThirtyEight “”Normal America” is Not a Smal Town of White People”¬†with a lament that Vermont, where he grew up and I live now, is not normal America. ¬† 807 more words