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The Birds

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the world is not only just coming apart at the seams, but that a pissed off tailor has been left with one too many unpaid wedding gowns with expensive alterations, has lost his shit, and is grabbing the fabric of our world in one hand and a seam ripper in the other and is splitting us wide open in a primal, mad rage. 836 more words


Meet Bernie and Hen Solo

The results are in for the Official MYD Name my Hens Contest™ and it was a close one folks! In the end, the hens decided on their favorite names. 379 more words

Critters And Such

The Official MYD Name My Hens Contest ™

As it was foretold in the ancient scrolls, my little “hobby” of raising backyard chickens is slowly but surely turning into a full on addiction. And as any addict would, I just scored another fix. 612 more words

Critters And Such

A Fresh Start

Sorry I’ve been so busy! I haven’t updated. Life is just busy with two small boys and the weather getting nicer!

So I sold the last flock of chicks so I could start over and my chicks hatched on the 27th! 230 more words


Piper is a Total Stalker!

For whatever reason, Piper loves nothing more than to follow me around the yard all day long. I have to be extra vigilant to not plow her over with my big hairless-ape feet. 61 more words

Critters And Such

New Chicks In Town

My husband and I recently brought home some baby chicks. This is our second time. The last time was when our kids were still at home. 220 more words

The Coop Scoop

Spring has FINALLY sprung! Hopefully this time to stay! With all this wonderful weather we’ve been having we’ve been able to work on the coop! We were really pressed to finish as the chicks were getting so big and rowdy, but alas, as there are no chicks, there’s not that rush anymore to finish so quick. 312 more words