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Urban Chickens

  • You can order baby chicks through the mail!


  • Make sure to feed and water immediately.  You will need a brooder set up (box, LARGE pine shavings, heat lamp)
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Baby Chicken

Project chickens: Where my peeps at?

Here are our baby chickens waiting for us at Cousin Emily’s farm!


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House + DIY

RIP Snow

RIP Snow, I wish I would have gotten home sooner.  My first loss for a bird, in my head I was prepared at some point to lose a bird or birds but I didn’t expect to be so sad.   240 more words

Urban Farm

How my garden does grow--27 April 2015

It is past time to bring you up to date on spring in Southern California. A warm and DRY spring. We are in the fourth year of what is being called a mega-drought. 1,560 more words

Chickens and Food Deserts

So we got Urban Chickens in Racine.

Up to 4 Birds no Rosters pay a fee, get inspected very simple should be no issue to do and yes the Eggs will cost more then if you bought them in the Store. 553 more words

Do the Urban Chicken

No, it’s not the latest dance craze sweeping the nation! It is a growing movement of backyard urban farmers who are raising chickens as a food source they can control. 89 more words


Most beautiful spring ever, March 2015

I don’t know what it is, the age of our plantings or the weather, but this has turned into the most beautiful spring ever in our southern California yard and garden. 1,014 more words