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Backyard Chickens

Chickens can be as happy in urban flocks as they can on the largest of farms

One of the most advantageous (and fun) hobby farming ventures you can take is creating a backyard flock. 368 more words

Backyard Chickens

Little Chicken Coop in the Snow Haiga

little chicken coop
in the snow, afternoon
without mail

Photo Matthew Morrow, haiku Miriam Sagan, Santa Fe’s Westside


September 24, 2015


I would say I skipped last week because it’s time for the fall slowdown, but that would be fibbing. I actually got lazy. Yes, the school year started and my schedule has been all over the place. 382 more words

September 9, 2015


Ah, the harvest. Tonight I brought in my one butternut squash, several large carrots, and a cup of fresh beans from the garden, and roasted them along with potato chunks in butter with rosemary and black pepper. 426 more words

A Bird in the Hand...

Well I’m just about at my wits end with the chicken bullying going on. Most likely, I’m not as fed up as poor Piper is though. 457 more words

Animal Husbandry

Meet Our LOVEly Urban Chooks

Once my garden was up and running I decided that I wanted a chicken coop. When I was growing up in Brazil in the Permaculture centre I didn’t have cats or dogs, I had a little chook, called Blackie. 491 more words

Urban Permaculture

July 30, 2015


Want to see some¬†butterflies? Try looking down. Strange advice, I know.¬†We’re trained to look up for those big, beautiful insects like swallowtails and monarchs. 366 more words