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Urban Composting: My Summer as a UNH Sustainability Institute Climate Fellow

Over the past few weeks I have been fortunate enough to have found myself immersed in discussions about urban agriculture, city composting and alternative waste management programs. 574 more words

Boston Bounty Bucks

Urban Composting? Yes or no?

I’d never thought much about this. There are many people who are now allowed to keep animals like chickens, cows, horses, goats and more in urban ‘community-type’ farms. 88 more words

Why Compost?

Thanks for visiting my worm composting and gardening blog. :)

I started this blog to share my learning from running a worm compost in a small condo in Toronto and over the years it’s evolved to include gardening in a small condo as well. 569 more words

Worm Composting

Compost Crazy - Let It Rot, Let It Roll!

As I said in an earlier post, our soil here is almost all sand.  We’ve been working on adding as much organic matter as possible.  Our family is focused on recycling and reducing our trash as much as possible so this year we are really going compost crazy!   533 more words

Happy Belated World Rat Day

Did you know that World Rat  Day is April 4th?  Me neither, until fairly recently.

As a compost care-taker, I am engaged in a never-ending struggle to keep rats out of my various compost systems, because the last thing I want is for folks to associate these activities with our little rodent friends. 305 more words

Project Kitchen Compost!

This week’s new project is composting in a tiny, tiny (not NYC tiny, but still tiny with 2 people and 2 pets) apartment.


Well because my darling fiance brought this home and thought it would be a great 30th birthday gift. 536 more words

Project Of The Week