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Predicting Neighborhood Gentrification With Social Networking Data

Interesting: predicting neighborhood gentrification through social networking data. “The Cambridge researchers, working with colleagues from the University of Birmingham, Queen Mary University of London, and University College London, used data from approximately 37,000 users and 42,000 venues in London to build a network of Foursquare places and the parallel Twitter social network of visitors, adding up to more than half a million check-ins over a ten-month period.”

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8: Association for Urban Development in Romania

The Association for Urban Development in Romania is a very active advocate which aims to improve the lives of people living in urban areas. Their projects range from quick bus lanes, to clean streets for people, to an online space for lost and found, to name a few. 19 more words


Enhancing building efficiency for a greener UAE

By Saeed Al Abbar

With the UAE’s skyline dominated by skyscrapers, and Dubai alone being home to over 3,000 high-rise buildings,1  it is important that all stakeholders within the construction industry leverage the opportunities available for installing renewable energy systems in high-rises. 254 more words


Exploring Little Parndon: distinct character areas and abundant green spaces

Following on from our last post, we also took an investigative walk around one of Harlow’s neighbourhoods, Little Parndon. Akin to Harlow’s other main localities, Little Parndon has a range of distinct character areas and abundant green spaces. 9 more words

Smart garbage bin, connected to my fridge: no, thank you

– “Shhhhhh. – Clink-Clank. – Shhh. Shhh. – Clink-Clink-Clink….

Do you hear that?…Tssss – this is my fridge talking to the oven. I decided to cook (sorry for this “old school” jargon, obviously, I’m not gonna cook myself!) a three-course Michelin style dinner with a gorgeous rosemary lemon sea bass baked under a goat cheese crust with a pinch of  the best of the best of the best Spanish saffron. 1,268 more words


What children want for their city

I recently finished collecting drawings by the children and young people of Port Vila on the theme ‘how I hope Port Vila will be in ten years’ time’ (you can see some of the drawings… 187 more words

What this man did at the Mumbai railway stations will surprise you!

Everyday, thousands of commuters travel through the local-trains or the lifeline of Mumbai city. The railways offer a free advertising platform to thousands of business that display their posters on the stations illegally. 382 more words

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