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Ananta Prasad

The main challenges of urbanization in India are shortage of housing which is 18.78 million according to the 2011 census which Mr Venkeya Naidu, also stressed at the Plenary Session of Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference of Housing and Urban Development (APMCHUD) in Seoul in October.  763 more words

Dry Season

As a 10 year old girl, Ah Xin started working in the provision shop to help her parents.

Fifty years down the road, she still bubbles with the good-natured charm of her childhood, supplying a colourful diversity of dried goods that include red chilli, fish, mushrooms, and chrysanthemum flowers used in tea. 34 more words

Small Business

Why we are running behind Smart City Mission

Ratneswar Sahu

People are demanding to include their cities in “Smart City Mission”. Through this campaign many political groups, academicians and civil society groups joined. 1,176 more words

Frankfurt Main riverbank development and the ECB tower(s)

Like Amsterdam with its developments along the IJ, Frankfurt is  modernising the Main riverbanks. On either side of the river a boulevard stretches with trees, lawns and benches between a number of bridges. 489 more words



“This shop was started by my father-in-law. When I got married, I started working here with my husband. 38 years already. But now, no new customers, all from before.”

Small Business

Tanks for the memory: a forgotten piece of Abu Dhabi's heritage

When 2014’s charitable Ramadan initiative was launched, UAE Water Aid’s goal was to raise sufficient money to dig wells that would provide clean water for five million people. 221 more words

Abu Dhabi

The Challenge of Cleaning Up Transport – A Developing Country Perspective

Transport contributes about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, as well as causing other environmental, social, economic, and health problems. By 2050 there will be 2 billion cars in the world… 709 more words