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The Cities Diplomacy Series (II): Are Mayors (& Networks Of Cities) the Rising Stars of Global Politics?

Against the secrecy and elite-reserved performance of classical Diplomacy skills, some Cities are getting on very well in developing the charms of soft and subtle Diplomacy in international arenas, by adding to the battery of actions and strategies deployed in global centers of decision a brand new (and diffuse) strong commitment of a network of urban stakeholders and digital activists willing to tell, sell and defend the city abroad. 28 more words

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The Cities Diplomacy Series (I): Urban Issues and Soft-Influence in The Global Agenda Of Governance

In a moment in which the World is becoming more open and connected than ever, Cities, traditionally mere followers of the dictates of national governments in terms of foreign affairs, are assuming a dynamic role as proactive actors in the global arena by using Global influence, Lobby techniques and ‘Soft Diplomacy’ tools to gain weight and resonance in the global conversation and decision making scenarios

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Research: Using Google Street View to Understand Pedestrian Injury Risk

From Columbia University (man, ResearchBuzz is very research-y today, isn’t it?): Using Google Street View to Understand Pedestrian Injury Risk. “We just published an article in the American Journal of Public Health in which we use Google Street View to identify characteristics of streets and intersections associated with pedestrian injuries and fatalities. 30 more words

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Health Care and Education Departments Spend the Most of Florida’s State Budget

By: Nick Hyder and Tian Ma

With 2015 behind us, it’s worthwhile to take stock of last year’s spending by state government. A state’s spending says a lot about its priorities, and accountability to taxpayers is an important component of a democracy. 512 more words


Sam Roley said a Growing Community is About Love

Sam Roley, 26, teaches special needs children at Grassland Middle School and is an assistant football coach at Franklin High School, both his alma maters. 1,767 more words


Future Cities: Designing them better

Our world has a history of bad execution of projects. It is a fact that we have done and built great things but it is also a fact that we haven’t executed most of them as well as they could have been. 541 more words