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Waymarking's recent studies enhance understanding of making maps #2

Continuing with the mapping and map-making theme of my previous post, here are a couple of maps for a potential development site from a student urban design project on the Stretford Road, in Trafford. 24 more words


Slum Upgradation Strategies from around the world

Today, 330 million people in the world live in sub-standard housing. In Brazil, 11.4 million of the 190 million people resided in areas of irregular occupation. 509 more words

Urban Development

Are Water-Neutral Growth Policies the key to Building Sustainable Communities?

Mary Ann Dickinson | National Geographic

We’re accustomed to waiting in lines for a football game, to buy movie tickets or perhaps to get a seat in the most coveted professor’s class. 188 more words


Garden State’s unified public-private vision

Jennifer Mazawey | Real Estate Weekly

In development, we often laud “public-private partnerships” – ultimately an overused blanket term for projects in which a state or local government is in some way financially vested. 94 more words


L.A. coalition wants to keep housing affordable near public transit projects

John Schreiber | My LA News

With at least $40 billion in transportation projects being built or planned in the Los Angeles area over the coming years, a transit-focused coalition urged city leaders Tuesday to keep housing near transit corridors affordable for those most dependent on public transportation. 85 more words


Sacramento Gentrification Is Getting the Streetcar Boost

Rachel Dovey | Next City

With cranes dominating skylines nationwide, redevelopment and displacement are often portrayed as the yin and yang of city makeovers — one a dark but inevitable counterpart to the other. 187 more words


Qatar Explores Key Dynamics of Building Smart Cities

Presentation in progress at Arab Future Cities Summit Qatar 2014

Doha, Qatar, February 25, 2015 – A smart city, by its very definition, conjures up visions of developed urban spaces created with for the purpose of providing a high quality of life for its citizens. 606 more words

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