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Locke, Sacramento, USA - Town Built By The Chinese For The Chinese

Photographer Jeremiah Gilbert is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this  documentary photography.  To see Jeremiah’s portfolio click on any image.

Locke: The Last Chinese Town in California… 208 more words


An Urban Refugee

Here, in my town, an entire city block, every home, waits for the wrecking ball, behind a massive square-block chain-linked fence.

The university bought it up to expand their “downtown campus” which does not include the downtown, low-income, mostly renter residents of these homes. 491 more words

Is Your Park System Fair?

Probably not. Maybe in the historically ethnic sections of town too many parks have broken-down playgrounds or a few too many weeds. Maybe over the past couple of years, dollars have been flowing heavily to the same few parts of town. 467 more words


Rio Olympics: Boosting local business?

The 2016 Olympic Games might attract tourists to Rio for years to come. Here’s how local businesses can benefit. 

Out of all the short- and long-term benefits potentially accruing to the host city of the Olympic Games, the economic impact is most frequently emphasized. 658 more words

Rio De Janeiro

The 4x4 series on place-making and the built environment: Money

I attended 3 out of 4 of the 4×4 series of discussions in Manchester in May of this year. The series is about promoting real debate about cities, bringing speakers from a range of built environment related backgrounds together. 421 more words


Urban round-up

What I’m reading this week on the internet:

Gotta catch ’em all!

Urbanists are going mad for the phenomenon of Pokémon Go along with the rest of the world, and waxing lyrical about the way it has brought people back on to the streets. 375 more words

Munich on crutches

“Supermarket sucks!” – This is the first and the most obvious conclusion. When you cannot use your left leg, and when crutches are in your hands – believe me, it is difficult to pick tomatoes. 768 more words