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Asian Community Trust (ACT): Inviting applications for ‘Local Projects on Education and Youth Development for FY2018’ to build a "Bridge of Mutual Help and Resource Sharing" in civil societies across Asia.

Funding brief: The Asian Community Trust (ACT) aims to build a “Bridge of Mutual Help and Resource Sharing” in civil societies across Asia. To pursue this aim, ACT assists projects developed by local people’s groups, NGOs and other civil society organizations with the purpose of improving people’s quality of life in their own communities and sharing their successes with others. 293 more words


No, the world isn't flat. Yes, climate change is real.

“World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice” — was signed by more than 15,000 scientists in 184 countries. 

While the Paris Climate Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and a variety of other international innovations attempt to mitage climate change, scientists around the world argue that it may not be enough. 63 more words


Green Cities Are Happy Cities!

Concrete jungles can not only be overwhelming and isolating, but the vehicles that fill them and factories that surround them poor in a plethora of punget pollution. 31 more words


Tharaggee - Airport Alternatives

In this post, we’ll be looking at some way to increase connectivity between communities in the Maldives by means of air travel.

There is currently an airport craze going on in the country, with the government throwing airports at everyone in a desperate attempt to gain votes ( 1,079 more words


HDYL? Lecture – Atlas for the End of the World by Richard Weller

In October 2017 Professor Richard Weller from University of Pennsylvania visited our faculty. He gave a lecture titled “Atlas for the End of the World” as part of the How do you landscape? 749 more words

HDYL? Lecture


-〈寫在最後〉。《僭建都市 從城鄉規劃 道社區更新》。


「雅布絲早於1696年便提出『富人的尷尬』(embarrassment of riches)的獨特見解,意指城市到達一的發展水平後,已經累積起大量財富,可是人卻無法找到 (更確切的說法應是『刻意排斥』)新的投資機會。財富惟有用於大量炫耀品、形式化的消費和事情上,包括進口一些昂貴但沒有實用價值的產品、推動一些沒有社會效益的基建項目,又或者利用大筆公帑投入救濟工作,但就不願把資金投放在創新和新興產業上--尢其是那些低層社會成員主催的新業務。最終資金作為一種生產元素,只能出口到其他地區進行投資,原來的城市發展則會停滯不前。」

-〈Jane Jacobs @紐約 II〉。《僭建都市 從城鄉規劃 道社區更新》。