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A panorama of waste in an abandoned high school


Ely Cathedral Octagonal Lantern

In church architecture, the circle represents Heaven and the square represents Earth. Thus many steeples on churches are octagonal, representing that the church is midway between Earth and Heaven, pointing the way for the believer to follow. 115 more words

Exploring Singapore Polytechnic

I’m not a student here. However, no one doubted that I wasn’t one (OK, maybe one person did. But you need to read on to know who it was that figured that out.) I guess my looks of being a SP student passed with flying colours. 681 more words


All over Niagara

I think photographers everywhere are obsessed with abandoned buildings and places that nature has taken back. A few weeks ago my cousin visited and he loves urban exploration probably more than I do, so he came prepared with a list of sites to check out in the Niagara Region. 237 more words


Rare Bedford CA Camper van

This early 60’s version of the Bedford CA van, coach-built as a camper with an unusual roof looks like a converted ice-cream van because the same van body pretty much was indeed used to make many ice cream vans. 35 more words

Buffalo: Sattler/Broadway Theater

In 2008, this Beaux Arts style theater was spared the wrecking ball by a non-profit company’s $40,000 purchase with promises to renovate the building. They’ve since given tours and accepted donations to raise money, and we were given access as the last ever tour group to see the theater before renovations begin. 9 more words