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Sky gazers by adriandonoghue

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From an exercise in my Urban Exploration Photography course, in which we were to go and look at the ordinary with fascination and curiosity.


Evenings in Kyoto's Gion

I’ve talked about day trips and places to explore in Kyoto, but where do you go after the sun sets? In a city so full of culture and life, there are many gems to enjoy even at night. 709 more words


Urban Exploration in North Wales Part 1: Dorothea Quarry

With a long history of slate quarrying and its vast mountain ranges, North Wales offers a lot of scope for urban exploration. Urban might not be the most appropriate word but I can’t stand the abbreviation of rural exploration. 624 more words


Urban Exploration in Kiev

If you want to see a different side to Kiev, then you could do a lot worse than visiting the subterranean world below your feet. 902 more words


Buffalo: Salem Evangelical Reformed Church

Designed by Jacob Oberkircher and built in 1907, this forboding antique German Evangelical church haunts the East side of Buffalo, abandoned for years now after a century of worship. 151 more words


Witnessing the Past

Today I’m going to talk (or write) about a particular hobby (or habit) of mine. Exploring (or ogling at) old buildings.

I was born in an old building, a part of which was built in probably early 50’s, and the part my family resided was built in late 70’s or early 80’s. 721 more words