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A walk in a falling castle - From Home To End 02 - Birkwood Hospital, Scotland

In this instalment of the Highlands adventure we explore the now-collapsed Birkwood Castle, still one of our most exciting finds.

7: 16PM


In the past two days we’ve barely slept. 1,114 more words


Exploration - Orviss Vault - Texas

A hidden vault?? Spooky

While researching interesting places to see on the drive to Waco, I came across this vault that is popular among paranormal investigators. 614 more words

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“My night walks start minutes before sunset because it is one of my favorite shows. I like to see how the street lamps begin to light up (I think the warm light of the streets gives a very special touch to the buildings) but I also love to see how the lack of lights allows you to see a starry sky or a huge moon. 306 more words


Scenes From Ontario Place

Ontario Place is nostalgia. We all have vague or even not so vague memories of going down to Ontario Place with our families for a fun-filled day. 631 more words


#5. Foxy's Revenge.

He used to get away with everything. You’d hear of him getting put away for something really horrible, like mugging an old lady and then you’d see him walking about a few days later. 399 more words

Give Me Variety or Give Me Death.

Part of the reason behind this series of writings is to dissect the nature of a good cosmopolitan city. To learn the inner workings and come up with a standard model which all places can be measured against and developing areas aspire to. 415 more words