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An evening in Richmond

Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is a little over an hour southeast from where I live. The city is within Henrico and Chesterfield counties, but Richmond is its own legal and geographic entity. 685 more words


Keyham - Tall Tales Poster #2

The NEW poster for ‘Keyham: Tall Tales’
An ongoing photography project drifting through strange and often bizarre childhood stories from Keyham, Plymouth during the late 1990’s. 70 more words

Goodnight, Pripyat

I’m fascinated by a scenario where future generations come across the Exclusion Zone, without knowing the nature of what it is or was. (This, of course, assumes some kind of cataclysm that destroys much of our historical record.) What would they make of the what was left behind? 179 more words


Ghost Hunting...

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! For those of you who are superstitious- be extra careful while you’re out and about today! As for me? Well, after work- I’ll be heading out with friends to catch honorary screenings of the first two “Friday the 13th” movies at… 440 more words

Hipster Rose

I met my doppelganger the other day at the Red Cross charity shop. She was there when I tried on some specs that someone had kindly donated to the shop. 542 more words


On the Merits of Authoritarianism

Westerners are puzzled by the recurrent nostalgia for communism that is found throughout the former Eastern Bloc. Apart from the fact that every generation looks back on the years of its youth with rose tinted glasses, there is a longing for the trappings of the old, failed economic system that can be hard to understand from behind the old ideological ramparts of the cold war. 356 more words