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Green Infrastructure Conference Rambles

Having just attended a pointy toed shoe wearing conference in the heart of Seattle, a few negative responses swarm my head.

  1. The more I pursue a college degree, the more I feel…
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Waynesboro Tree Workshop Sept. 15

“Reveling in the Magnificence of Trees” is the theme for the 22nd annual Waynesboro Tree Workshop, which will take place Sept. 15 from 7:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. 210 more words

Another big tree coming down in Long Branch

It is no surprise to anyone around here that the huge dying silver maple at 2 Twenty Seventh is being taken down. Here is the history. 291 more words

Another beautiful huge tree destroyed in South Long Branch

The huge walnut tree at 39 Twenty Seventh Street was destroyed today. The owner of the property is planning a re-build and apparently the Committee of Adjustment granted them the permit to take down this tree as well as two other walnuts in the back to make room. 405 more words


The Natural History of America's Urban Forests

The story of America’s urban forests, as told in a book by the same name (1), is a story of loss and redemption.

The loss of America’s trees… 1,585 more words


Dorval hosts 21st annual tree climbing championships

If you were in Dorval’s Windsor Park Saturday, you may have stumbled upon grownups dangling from trees in what may have appeared to be somewhat precarious positions. 262 more words