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Watershed Health

watershed n.

  1. A ridge dividing the areas drained by different river systems.
  2. The area drained by a river system.

 Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language, 1964… 893 more words

The City of Portland Is Trying to Map All the Trees In the City

If you ever wanted to find every single tree in Portland but didn’t know how, Portland Parks and Recreation Urban Forestry has a solution for you: a map of, you guessed it, (almost) every single tree in Portland.

Source: Willamette Week

Willamette Week

#TipTuesday: Pulling it all Together

In previous posts, we’ve covered many individual features of your GIS application but haven’t shown you many practical examples of how to use them all in conjunction. 304 more words


Protect Your Trees, Please!

We all love trees in our built landscapes, but the odds are against their survival if we don’t follow a few simple rules. Although I’m not a horticulturist or urban forester, I’ve worked with people in those professions in the past and learned a lot from them. 877 more words



The shoe shiners start the day reading the news, their noses in pocket bibles the rest of the afternoon. The newspaper vendors gaze down at the scavenger birds, as if they’re dark words. 114 more words