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Pinterest Made Me Do It-The Tomato Slice Hack

I haven’t posted one of these in a good long while.

The idea is that instead of trying to sprout and grow individual seeds you cut up a tomato and plant that. 519 more words

Off Topic

Mind The Gap

Humans have two modes: complacency and panic. We’re biologically predisposed to focus on immediate comforts and visible threats. At the same time we’re profoundly uninterested in even thinking about anything that might happen at some point in the medium future. 625 more words

Homestead Diary Week Ending May 20th

Saturday the forecast was very close to freezing, so I didn’t want to take a chance we’d actually get frost. I had planned on moving the tender trays of plants inside after dinner, but mid-afternoon we actually had snow for a short time so all day the living room looked like this: 826 more words


Plarn- Plastic Yarn

I recently heard about this stuff and thought I’d give making it a go.

What is plarn, well it is plastic yarn made from plastic shopping bags. 493 more words


Washing Clothes Without Machines

I put off ditching my washer and dryer for a long time, because I thought it was difficult or you needed special “off grid” washers to get the job done. 515 more words

Simple Life

Sunflower Stems

Lately I have been inspired by Pascal Bauder’s cookbook The New Wildcrafted Cuisine and can’t quit yapping on about it. Most recently I found myself trying to apply his eye to sunflowers. 804 more words


Bringing Chicks Home for the First Time

We did it. We picked up some chicks from the feed store. We loaded up the kids, drove them down to the feed store and let them pick out some fluffy little baby chickens. 686 more words