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While it was already on our Homesteading Skills list, we were extra-inspired by Blue Missouri Skies Homestead’s blog on rendering lard, and so my husband convinced his workplace to let him take home a bag of pork fat scraps they would have ordinarily tossed, chop it up, heat it up in the crock pot, and made it into our very own jars of cooking oil. 1,087 more words


Finding the mum and dad in us...?

In their new and improved brooder where there’s more room to scamper about while still staying warm and toasty. Since they are now in the garage with their heat lamp (and a supplemental heater plugged in outside of it, as it’s been in the 40’s at night and I’m still not convinced they are warm enough with just the heat lamp since the garage is not insulated), we’re back to having them on straw instead of towels (and man does our basement smell better by the way!). 454 more words

Spring Garden - halfway full.

Atlanta’s average last frost is around tax day, but since the weather has been so nice its probably safe to start planting the spring garden. Last fall the garden was enlarged, more than doubling the size. 92 more words


Week in Pictures

Ruby was obsessing about getting into the car when we got a surprise burst of sunshine, so I took her for a ride down to the St John’s Bridge and walked around for a wee bit. 533 more words



started reading about this technique before we ever moved to Sedona 20 years ago, but we had no garden and wasn’t up and into grow bags and container gardening in our first house. 271 more words


How many escaped goats can you fit in the backseat of a police car?

Today was supposed to be about cleaning and gardening, which it was, but ended up being about goats.  This afternoon, a herd of goats and two herding dogs escaped a yard and ate their way around the neighborhood until a group of cops, locals and kids corralled them in a neighbor’s backyard. 177 more words


compost tumbler story

Know not everyone is living in a place where they can have a compost pile. You can see how close we are to our neighbors and to keep the visitors that compost attracts to a minimum, I use compost tumblers. 390 more words