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All hands weekend weeding... Ugh.. (Quick update)

This weekend we decided to weed the overgrown “dirt” garden. It served us well with cucumbers and tomatoes, even nice okra; however, it’s time to pull up and compost the veggie plants. 153 more words

Quick and easy Hydroponics for your homestead.. Yes you can do it.

Here’s a system my wife and I have used this year, and yes she’s the brains behind it…
It’s sooooooo easy, yes you can do it ! 562 more words

The Girls..

Throughout this blog you’ll see the Girls as they free roam around some of our projects or help us with projects . The Girls are Buff Orpington chickens that act more like dogs than chickens. 168 more words

A Hot Treat

I love hot food, and one of my favorite snacks when other heat-lovers are around is stuffed jalapeños. Couldn’t be easier: slice 2 or 3 jalapeño chiles in half lengthwise, pull out the seeds and veins, salt liberally ( helps keep the heat in check,) put a piece of good cheddar about 1/2 inch square and two inches long in each half, and bake at 425 until done or cook on a part of the grill that you’re not cooking something else on, being careful not to burn the jalapeños. 113 more words



Hey there.

How are ya?

It’s been a while, I know.

Sorry about that.

Been a little crazy in our life lately.

In fact, I just added it up. 828 more words

Portland Interlude

Small Miracles

Two of my laying hens, both old heritage breeds, are in my flock because they lay lovely deep-brown eggs but give me very few eggs because they are broody most of the time. 249 more words

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