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Bio Intensive Loops and Rabbit Poops

Yesterday, Ryan and I drove an hour and a half to an organic farm in Minto to pick up the newest member of our little homestead and take a little tour of the farm. 1,264 more words

An Unexpected Vegetable: Hops Shoots

When I first started gardening at my current property, I was an enthusiastic brewer and it seemed natural to plant hops vines where they could climb on my fences. 146 more words

Urban Homesteading

Tapping Maples...

Sometimes we just need a goose of inspiration to reel our sails back up and head out amidst the big vast sea.

Recently a dear friend has been grappling with a decision regarding place. 379 more words

Diy Maple Tree Tapping

The city...grrr (And a garden update)

City living can get me down sometimes. Sure, there’s beauty here. I run across it all around. Like this lovely little scene just down the street. 185 more words

Portland Interlude

Meet Our Chicks!

I’m a huge fan of Backyard Chickens and Urban Homesteading in General. We spent today building our Chickens new Run and getting them set up in their new backyard. 117 more words

Lynchburg Va

Companion vegetable growing cheat sheet

This is a visual guide to what you should plant near each other in order to get the best yield for the least amount of work. 28 more words

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