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Every now and then I encounter some committed permaculturist who earnestly wishes to educate me about planning guilds (functional plant groups) in my garden. I just don’t think this way. 537 more words

Urban Homesteading

a home in the city 

i bought my home nearly 4 years ago, and as much as i like to think that i have improved it- i now realize that the real change is what this place has done to me. 533 more words

The Homestead

Scorzonera Finds Its Purpose

Five years ago, when we first moved to our current property, I planted some scorzonera with the idea that it would be a good root vegetable for fall. 391 more words

Urban Homesteading

Urban Homesteading*

After the last several years of “Tyler’s garden,” i.e., a huge portion of our yard dug up and planted with over a dozen rows of “crops” including everything from okra and squash to sunflowers and green beans, and involving renting a tiller from Home Depot, backbreaking additional digging, raking, and weeding (usually with Jack occupying the one “good” shovel to see if he could “dig to China”), combatting an assortment of man-eating mosquitos, fire ants, and gnats, and Tyler’s ultimatum that he would no longer be planting a garden for which Jack and I don’t help, this year I decided to scale back and try my hand at container gardening. 482 more words

Tybee Island

Eat Your Allicin! Notes on Green Garlic

Garlic went through a period of being a fad health supplement for its allicin content. Allicin is an antioxidant to which miracles were ascribed at the time. 604 more words

Urban Homesteading

Yard Rabbit Follow Up

Bibi is doing fine.  Daryl decided that she didn’t want to be a janitor anymore, so she escaped to the wilds of the yard as well.   225 more words


Homemade Laundry Soap

Soooo….I’m a horrible blogger. I made about a year’s worth of laundry soap a couple days ago. I meant to take pictures so I could post step by step photos. 719 more words

Portland Interlude