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Soapmaking and sketching

As many of you know, I became the proud goat mom of four sweet Nubians a few months back. What a magical whirlwind adventure it has been! 222 more words

Farm Life

Homestead Update Mid/Late July 2016

A long overdue update. There won’t be many pictures, I’ve been very busy and just haven’t had time to keep this space updated and still get my needed mental health downtime. 989 more words


Let's build a tiny house?!

     As of July 7th 2015 the Iuli-Gann Clan has been living on a half-acre lot in the beautiful San Diego county. We had no idea what we wanted to do. 407 more words


Tomatillos, Salsa, and the Summer Garden

The flavor of tomatillos  is one of the wonderful flavors of summer. This is their glory time, when the plants I have stuck into odd corners have tangled themselves throughout the rest of the bed and are making fruits, almost hidden, which are a fascinating mixture of sweet, tangy, and tart when roasted. 433 more words


Ricotta, the Easiest Cheese

One day when I have loads of leisure and energy, I plan  to get really serious about cheesemaking.   However, if you have a dairy animal or any other source of good milk, there are times when you have milk on hand but no spare time to do anything fancy with it. 695 more words


Disaster Preparedness: what do sunchokes have to do with it?

Recently somebody checking out my garden over the fence asked if I was a “prepper.” My first response was “No, of course not,” because I don’t care to be associated in any way with the mindset that not-so-secretly longs for the end of civilization. 510 more words

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