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Tales of Tadpoles

We have had a really unusual summer with lots of rain, and one of my neighbors found his horse paddock flooded. He started to pump it out, and as the water level fell he discovered tadpoles. 173 more words

Urban Homesteading

Welcome To Our Hill City Homestead CHICKEN COOP!

Here’s How We Do It! I’m a Crazy Chicken Lady! Loooooooooove Our Chickens!

Lynchburg Va

The Eggplant Chronicles I: choose your plant

For the last couple of years I’ve rolled my eyes over the phenomenon of grafted vegetable plants, and griped lustily that there is nothing difficult about growing tomatoes or eggplants, so why would anybody  fall for the grafted ones? 307 more words

Urban Homesteading

these ordinary things: weeding

Because being a homemaker isn’t about being extraordinary.  It’s about seeing the ordinary in a conscious way.  A way that leads to gratitude, joy and understanding.  161 more words

These Ordinary Things

Things I Love: The Urban Homesteading Cookbook

THIS. Michelle Catherine Nelson is a woman (with a PHD in conservation biology, no less) living on her own homestead on Bowen Island off the coast of West Vancouver. 91 more words


Garden Spray Using Castile Soap 

So I wanted a natural garden spray to repel bugs, etc so as per usual I decided a quick rundown of Pinterest was needed ( I have an addiction I’ll admit it) I found one that I suggest NOT using it says to use pepper flakes and it clogged my spray bottle I couldn’t get it unclogged WORST IDEA EVER. 166 more words