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A New Place to Call Home

If you happened to see us on House Hunters International, you might remember that the greatest drawback to the house we chose was its small compound, which left little room for Max and Elly to play, and zero green space. 245 more words

Urban Homesteading

Work Burnout Leads To Learning To Paint

I am currently experiencing extreme burnout at work. So much so that I have to stop working and shut down my business. My job and business Р grooming, training and boarding dogs, has for years ( 9 years) made it so that there is no time away from dogs. 509 more words

Frugal Living

Subdivision Survival Goals for the winter

* Each of one these goals will be developed into a full blog post in the near future, I just wanted to share a few of the important things that we are working towards here in the subdivision… 491 more words

Backyard Rabbits

Foraging for Food

I have to put in a plug for one of my favorite pastimes: foraging for wild mushrooms. What could be better than a walk in the woods that yields free, delicious, gourmet food?   330 more words

2015 Garden Post-Mortem

This past gardening season we tripled the size of our garden. Except for some layout tweaks and usability optimizations, we now have effectively all possible land on our property in cultivation that isn’t used for entertaining space, play space, or is simply too shady. 1,418 more words


9 Ways To Homestead In A Crowded, Unfriendly, Concrete-Filled City

By Chris Black Off The Grid News

Is there such a thing as urban homesteading? Absolutely, and in the next few moments I will provide you with useful advice if you live in the city or suburbs. 130 more words


Spring has Sprung - Garden Log

Coming into my second Spring of veggie gardening, I am again reminded of the importance of taking notes.

I read so many things that seem like they might be useful in the future, but I often can’t find them again when the time comes. 815 more words