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95 Skills for the Urban Homesteader

Over the past few years, I have fallen in love with a number of homesteader blogs where people from all over the world share their stories of living off the land, whether as urban backyard farmers maximizing their city spaces or as good old fashioned homesteaders enjoying (and working their bums off in) some acreage in the country. 860 more words


The Bread of Life at King's Roost

There’s no doubt that King’s Roost is a way of life for the owner, Roe Sie.  The moment you walk in and listen to him kick around the concept of Urban Homesteading, which is the idea behind King’s Roost, it’s clear he’s done the research, and walks the walk.   950 more words


Homesteading 101-Balancing Ideology with Sanity

No one actually -wants- to be dealing with bugs, but bugs are pretty much a natural side effect of human dwellings. Same with rats, mice, and other pests-while there are certainly ways of keeping infestation to a minimum, there is a strong possibility that you’re going to be dealing with a pest at some point even if you don’t actively know it’s there. 730 more words

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Chicken Glacé Pulls It All Together

At about age 20, in a marvelous cookbook called The Supper of the Lamb,  I learned about glacé de viand.  I am still making it decades later, because it works kitchen magic and there is no commercial substitute. 640 more words


Making Bone Broth in the Crock Pot, the Long Way

  1. It’s getting near the time of year where you realize it’s almost time for camp. Which means it’s your normal week for deep cleaning.
  2. Realize, for a lot of really complicated melodramatic reasons it’s time to start looking for a new home.
  3. 269 more words

Gardening Box - Marking Out

Card number 3 in the Hamlyn Gardening Cards collection.
To mark out a right angle, drive in a peg at the corner and from this stretch a garden line to mark one side of the right angle. 246 more words