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Week in Pictures

Absolutely no regrets choosing general over local anesthesia for the vitrectomy. I may gasp at the bill, but the horror of knowing THIS is what they did is plenty for me. 578 more words

Weekend In Pictures

Deconstructed Thai Egg Salad

If you have chickens, there are inevitably times when you grow tired of eggs. I had one of those times recently and started to grope for a new way to think about egg salad. 499 more words


A Quick Thai-ish Snack

After yesterday’s brief dissertation on nam prik pao,  it occurred to me that one thing I had not really demonstrated about this Thai seasoning paste is its ability to make something very good very fast. 375 more words


My Winecap Mushroom Bed

Early this spring I was putting down straw mulch around some new plantings in the shade and decided to order and incorporate some spawn for the winecap  mushroom, Stropharia rugosa-annulata.   362 more words

Urban Homesteading

Tried a new Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie recipe

Hey Everyone!

Monday, I really wanted some short bread cookies, but didn’t have any of the Bob’s Red Mill gluten free short bread mix, so I went to my gluten free baking book. 139 more words

Dairy Free

City Living

Hey Everyone!

I am one who does love small town, but as much as you want something, some dreams aren’t supposed to become a reality, and at this point, small town life my be a happy chapter in my younger days. 378 more words


Bubba the Soprano

And then a horrid sound from the back yard filled the air.  I panicked at once wondering what it could be.  It for all the world sounded like an injured baby goat.  30 more words