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Death threat poster that works

I snapped this photo of a poster with a death threat while going though an old Colombo short cut. Its inclusively in three languages. The cause of these threats is the dumping of garbage on vacant property or public places. 129 more words

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Colombo by night - Grand Theft Auto's lost module

Night driving amplifies risks of 3 typical Colombo traffic hazards: checkpoints, odd road conditions, and speed demons. The third hazard a speciality of the night which I will elaborate later. 535 more words

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Air conditioning: third world's biggest status symbol

Air conditioning is the most common indicator of social status in the third world. Your degree of access to an air conditioned environments indicates how close (or far away) you are to the vast underclass of permanent poverty. 316 more words

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Colombo cowboy

One moment I’m peacefully pecking a blog post on my Palm Pilot on a weekend morning. A coffee steaming at the elbow. The next I’m called to chase a stray herd of cows from eating our garbage bag. 390 more words


Colombo Dawn, Sunday

Speeding along alone to a small temple across town after having woken up in the pre dawn dark. Fiancee’s folks are have been having some small Pirith sessions at their place. 320 more words


Cycles of a wartime blogsphere 2

Its been a quiet couple of days in the SLB. Out there on the edge of the mainstream.

The LTTE attacks on Colombo have receded in the rear view mirror. 265 more words