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A match burning in a crocus

Thought: Perhaps part of what makes city-folk aggressive is the anonymity of urban life. I was thinking about this while watching people gripe and shove on the Tube (a few weeks ago, a large woman actually pushed me, as in, a hand flat across my back, into someone else so that I’d get out of her way). 158 more words


Raiding the Recipe Box - Brandysnap Cones

First recipe in the series and I pick out this card. It has been far too long since I last had a Brandysnap, Brandsnap cones just seem like a great idea. 280 more words


Raiding the Recipe Box

As you may or may not have realised winter for me is all about food. My garden is being a little neglected at the moment due to the weather we have been having. 221 more words


The Phone Loo Flu

Yes! Smart phones, dumb blocks, tablets, whichever shiny rectangular surface you are looking at right now, can be a carrier. No, your smart phone is not a carrier pigeon, it’s a carrier of dangerous micro-organisms. 631 more words

Urban Life

Moesha:A fat woman's thing

Ok straight to the point, what exactly is wrong with fat women in the urban public/entertainment scene?
Fat women on T.V, movies and radio, in fact bloggers too? 681 more words

Urban Life

Baking soda vs Baking powder

I’ve been baking since I was a kid and until today I never understood the difference between the two. In our house we have about a kg of Baking Soda, it is just so versatile we use it for cooking, cleaning, you can even make allergy free washing soda from it and mixed with vinegar in a drain works just as well as any chemical drain cleaner. 484 more words