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Downtown Focus on Innovation by Downtown Partnership

Calling Downtown Home – New Residential

One of the more noticeable changes downtown has been the construction of the new Blue Dot Place, a 33-unit apartment building located at 412 S.

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Urban Living

When You Realise It's Now Home

You start looking for a new house, you get it. The next step is to make the house a home, the issue is how long it takes to actually take this bland bottle of cheap wine to a vintage vino… Yes this is how long I think it takes to make that house a home. 568 more words


A Place Called Home. My Home. Blue Dot Place.

Paying careful attention to all the things that make-up a welcoming living space,

at Blue Dot Place we care about how your new home looks and feels. 19 more words

Urban Living

Building A Patio Garden With Limited Space

One of the things I believe in above all is that everyone should know how to grow their own food.

Waking up to a whole new batch of food that you grew yourself is an incredible feeling. 660 more words


Urbanism? What's that?

Besides words like “the”, “is”, and the like, urbanism is probably going to be one of the most used word on BYU. Considering that some spell-checkers still identify the word as an error, it only makes sense to define it, 231 more words

106c. The Persian Carpets

Let me talk about the stories behind some of the finer collectibles of the Smith Estate.  They are items that I know about. I will first talk about the three Persian Carpets… 608 more words


Elevating the New South End with your new urban home 

It’s time for the elevator at Blue Dot Place.

Where Colorado Springs Urbanites Call Home.

Taking Online Rental Applications Now!

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