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Houses in Vargem Grande do Sul. Part 2: trees and bushes

Often whilst wandering around Vargem Grande do Sul I feel a bit like an alien might feel having landed on another planet, but a planet surprisingly similar to its own. 120 more words


Spray Paint City

Faces bleed from every wall
of this back alley jungle
and every expression sings a story
as false
and beautiful
as any I could tell… 166 more words


Houses in Vargem Grande do Sul. Part 1: garage doors

Two things struck me about Vargem Grande do Sul whilst wandering around this relatively small town (roughly 40,000 people).

1. The design ethos and architecture is pretty impressive. 35 more words


Autoimmune Diseases: Lupus Awareness

When we talk of social media as being a very essential tool for communication and disseminating information, some cynics tend to doubt its importance. This article is wholly culled from a discussion on my friend… 1,974 more words

The limits of our way of life

Keith Hudson

What growth-economists can’t get into their heads is that most of us in the advanced countries have now reached personal limits in the way of life that is characteristic of our times.  439 more words

Bees are HERE!!!!!!

I finally got the call.  “Your bees are ready.”  I went the other night and picked them up around 7 pm.  I was so happy it was contagious. 224 more words

Be a Creator; Not a Consumer

Be A Creator; Not a Consumer

At the beginning of 2015 I felt a pull that this was the year to publish something.  Not since my junior year of college at Northwestern has something of mine been exposed to a larger audience than my close friends.   578 more words

Worth It All