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Urban vs. Suburban Living: What are the pros and cons?


Sandra weighs the pros and cons of living in the city vs. living in the suburbs.

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The non-bucket list.

I don’t have a bucket list. I did most of what I wanted to do while I was working or immediately thereafter. I will never walk the Camino in this lifetime.   530 more words

Elder Blogger


Finally, David is on his way to the Post Office to mail our tax returns to the federal and state governments.  While I was searching for envelops this morning to send the not-as-thick-this-year packages of tax forms, I stumbled over the dust-covered “Family Tree-Maker” software David gave me Christmas 1989. 660 more words

Elder Blogger

A New Boles Book for Noisy Neighbors

It’s that time of the year again to announce a whole new “Boles Book for…” learning precis: a Boles Book for Noisy Neighbors by David Boles… 209 more words


Share the Road

I’m so proud of the initiative cyclists and politicians in Birmingham have taken to make the city a bike friendly place. It is my understanding that the mayor supports the idea of incorporating more bike lanes throughout the city, as well as, a proposed Sunday group ride in which streets downtown will be closed to automobile traffic to allow families with children to be able to ride safely. 288 more words


Wednesday Vignette - the beauty of urban grit

One of my favorite components of urban grit is the graffiti adorning train cars everywhere. I find them fascinating! I always wonder about their makers, what does the art mean, what do the letters stand for, where was it created, how far has it traveled… etc. 125 more words

Wednesday Vignette




“Aku tak melu arisan ya?”

Diman ora nyauri. Wong lanang sing wis ngantuk iku nerusno lek merem. Wiji mecucu. Awake sing mau lurus saiki miring madep bojone. 879 more words