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03.19 — Springtime Willow

Spring has come to Changzhou.

The weather is getting warmer. Not consistently warmer, mind you—some days are downright balmy, while other days are fiercely windy and disappointingly less-than-pleasant. 170 more words


What I Do The Same In Both Places

Dear Friend,

I have used tags like: transition, change, and adjustments in many of my entries. I have tried to make it apparent that this life change has been about learning to do things differently, more simply, and without the extra baggage of our stuff. 221 more words

'Soviet Slums' for Claremont: Making the Case for Density

By Scott Cameron

The other week it was reported by a local newspaper with this ‘Soviet Slums’ headline that Claremont residents were outraged at the out-of-touch state government planners who were looking to introduce greater density around the Loch Street station. 680 more words

Property Development

Mango Wood for sustainable decorations items

Mango wood carvings for decoration items sell in Europe for cheep money. How sustainable are those items and are they an option to reduce plastic. 623 more words

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03.14 — Colorful Bangkok

Compared to China, Thailand is colorful. Colorful buildings. Colorful signs. Colorful vehicles. Colorful clothing. Add in the blue sky and abundant verdant greenery overflowing everywhere, and, well… 146 more words


Show Them You

It’s easy to respond in kind. Someone cuts in front of me in traffic and I want to yell, raise my fist, maybe run them down to show no mercy to bullies. 145 more words


HoUSe modular housing scheme by Urban Splash

HoUSe is a new type of modular home, designed by award-winning architects ShedKM and built by regeneration developer Urban Splash. The factory-built HoUSe is available as a two or three stroey town house and is customisable in terms of layout and room numbers.  247 more words