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...but there are so few church bells ringing now.

I remember of trips to West Germany that you almost always and seemingly inevitably stayed next door to a church wherever you stayed over night, whether that was with relatives or in a… 88 more words

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There are so many ... clocks

Without going into a deep discussion of German punctuality (you know how I hate those national identity arguments!), it does seem to me that there are many more clocks in Berlin than there are in Vancouver. 101 more words

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Squirrel McDonald's 

It’s another dreary day here in the Midwest. The clear, bright, new windows we had installed don’t make it look any more friendly outside. It’s February… In Illinois… what do I expect? 413 more words


Day 26 [Everywhere, Make / Do]: Protect Your Cities' Open Spaces

Nobody would be allowed to protest in a perfectly sterile, 100% secure city. This is what many corporations try every day to enforce – starting with the space around their urban headquarters. 269 more words

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Sunny and windy

My visit to the orthopedic surgeon last week was sobering.  He tells me shots will not help and I should let him know when I am ready for joint replacement surgery, i.e. 280 more words

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Riding to the End of the Line: Strausberg

The train lines that go West-East right through the middle of downtown have been a big part of our first five months in Berlin as we lived right near a station on that line. 660 more words

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After completing the Practice unit I felt there were areas of my project that hadn’t been explored, such as introducing vivid colours. I will use Unit X to expand and develop my concept ‘Urban Living’. 249 more words