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DIY: Natural Backyard Pond in an Urban City Environment

Three years ago, I tested my abilities by building a pond after my husband hinted, he wanted a pond for the backyard with a flowing waterfall. 619 more words

One month and nineteen days

It’s been one month and nineteen days since I first stepped my feet in Germany. Sounds so absurd even to just type it down here. One-month-and-nineteen-days-in-Germany. 419 more words


Thirty Minutes on the TTC

Dear Elly G,

I just spent the past half hour sitting next to someone, first on the train and now while waiting for the next bus, fighting the irritation I often feel when someone I don’t know persists in staying beside me. 277 more words

Letters To Elly


Living in Toronto for the past seven years has taught me many things. It has taught me the joys of urban living, of walking no matter the weather, of carrying my groceries or pushing them in a trolley, of the helplessness of the homeless, of capitalism and ugly gentrification, and the crisis of affordable housing. 425 more words

How to Choose Between Urban & Suburban Living

You know all about Real Estate 101, and you’re excited to get into the housing market yourself. But do you think you’d be happier looking within an urban area or a suburban one? 571 more words

Winston in the city: I tried explaining teleportation is still not possible

My awesome dog Winston is a very sweet dog. With humans, that is. When we first saw him in the shelter, he was super chill. Very chill. 276 more words


Random pics - iPhone only

First fall sale

Late Show, after midnight. Alone in the cinema. Watching horror movie.

No filter. Just nature.

Hiking, like almost every weekend