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Full Transcript Of Urban Meyer On The Big Ten Teleconference Previewing Maryland

Urban Meyer took his turn on the weekly Big Ten Coach’s teleconference today to preview Maryland and discuss the breaking story from Brett McMurphy. Find out what he had to say.  951 more words


Urban Meyer Looking Into Legal Action Against Brett McMurphy

In case you missed it, Brett McMurphy released another story today alleging that Urban Meyer tried to cover up a racial slur used in practice by former assistant Zach Smith. 466 more words


Urban Meyer Says Ohio State Looking Into Legal Action Against Brett McMurphy

Urban Meyer announced via teleconference today that Ohio State is looking into legal action against WatchStadium reporter Brett McMurphy after today’s report implicating Meyer covered up a racial incident that McMurphy claims happened between a former wide receiver and former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. 288 more words


He's Back. Brett McMurphy Reports Racial Slur Used At Ohio State Per Sources

Per sources tied to Brett McMuprhy, former assistant coach Zach Smith used a racial slur during an interaction with former receiver Trevon Grimes. Ohio State strongly denies the alleged incident. 338 more words


Ohio State Vehemently Denies Brett McMurphy's Latest Story About Zach Smith, Urban Meyer and Trevon Grimes' Transfer

Brett McMurphy has another story out about the Ohio State football program, Urban Meyer, and former assistant Zach Smith today, and boy is it a doozy. 948 more words


Brett McMurphy SUCKS

I am writing this blog to say one thing. Brett McMurphy sucks. SO much.

This guy is a loser. Period. He was fired from ESPN, and now spends his days fixated on an Urban Meyer witch hunt. 306 more words