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The Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol watch review

There comes a time in every man’s life were he has to say goodbye to his treasured casual beat up digital watch and upgrade it to something a little classier. 623 more words


RAINS Jackets // Top Picks

Danish brand RAINS are back with what they do best bring you sick functional rainwear. My favourite thing about this brand is how they design the back of their jackets and peak all the hoods. 130 more words


What's in my Make Up Bag!

Today I thought I’d show you what I have in my everyday make up bag, I don’t normally bother applying too much make up on a day to day basis so the items in my bag are my everyday essentials! 597 more words



I mean its not like the they ever went anywhere, but Levis are back better then ever. Even though there the same as they were 20 years ago. 501 more words


Richard Hayne: Urban Outfitters Founder & CEO

Richard Hayne was born on May 26, 1947. A graduate of Lehign University, he was actually a hippie before he opened his first apparel store with his then wife Judy Wick. 160 more words


Yeezus tour t-shirt

This Yeezus tour t-shirt is a t-shirt I have had my eye on for an extremely long time. As a huge Kanye West fan this t-shirt immediately caught my attention. 238 more words


712 more things to write about

So I discovered there is an Urban Outfitters in Antwerp. I have been secretly dropping by there because I really want to buy a record player, unfortunately they are about $130 here. 213 more words