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OOTD 3.4.15

So yesterday I woke up late and because of that looked like a bum. To make up for yesterday I decided to wear this leather dress. 67 more words


LA Winter: Layers & Details

Let it be stated for the record: here in L.A., we don’t do winter. Not that we don’t have a winter – or some version of it – but that we just do not know how to handle drops in temperature below… let’s say 70º F.  544 more words


Hot Topics: Hipsters

Hey there! My name is T.J. Kanaley, and this is Hot Topics. Before we get started, let me clarify that this column is not some reincarnation of the once-popular store. 562 more words

Sunset Media Wave

Outfit: Sticking My Neck Out

In keeping with my love for all things historical, I volunteer every summer giving building tours at an “outdoor history museum.”  I try to do something different each year, so that means I always train in a different building when the new season rolls around.  241 more words

Chicago Blogger

Bloomie's Heading to UWS With New Discount Concept

Say goodbye to Urban Outfitters on West 72nd Street and hello to Bloomingdale’s.

The department store has signed a 15-year lease for 24,985 square feet spanning three stories at… 412 more words

Racked: The Fall of the Hipster Brand

“‘Urban Outfitters and American Apparel did a good job of commodifying the earliest kind of hipster—the Vice-reading, PBR-swilling, trucker-hat-wearing twentysomething,’ she says. ‘But they have not successfully evolved to meet the needs of the new wave that cares about authenticity and buys products from brands that have a strong ethical core.'” 40 more words


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