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Local Government Financing in Developing Countries

 “Local governments in developing countries often face the difficult task of funding the infrastructure and services required to meet the basic needs of growing urban population. 125 more words

Urban Studies

The State of China’s Cities 2014/2015

“China’s urban population exceeded that of rural areas in 2011. History has shown that urban development presents real opportunities for unleashing enormous economic potential, reducing inequity, and creating sustainable livelihoods for all. 135 more words


Cities and Climate Change

“This edition of UN-Habitat’s Global Report on Human Settlements (2011) explains the relationship between urban settlements and climate change, and suggests how cities and towns which have not adopted to the climate change policies can do so. 171 more words


International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning

The need for planning cannot be over-emphasized. Urbanization is progressing rapidly and by 2050, seven out of ten people will be living in cities. Inappropriate policies, plans and designs have led to inadequate spatial distribution of people and activities, resulting in proliferation of slums, congestion, poor access to basic services, environmental degradation, and social inequity and segregation. 77 more words