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State of Progress and Outlook

What we found out:

We started from the point that the Urban Sanctuary is a concept that we consider needed in cities. In the context of… 592 more words

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Something that inspired us very much when looking into the subject of relaxation and urban stress is the Space-Out Competition, a yearly held performance art piece created by the artist WoopsYang. 497 more words

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Stress in the city

A topic that motivates our project to a large extent is stress in the city. First, it seemed more like a feeling than certainty that there is a need for refuge from the intensity of urban life that is not necessarily cared for. 580 more words

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Being Alone Together: Solitude as a Collective Mood.

Here, we want to take the opportunity to explain our idea of the type of atmosphere that the Urban Sanctuary suggests and supports. Again, atmosphere was described in the previous blog entry as a collective mood, emphasizing that the feeling of an atmosphere is a sensory experience of an interaction between socially created variables and materialities on site. 832 more words

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The Karabots Fellows Study Philly Public Spaces

In addition to learning about healthcare and medicine, the students of the Karabots Junior Fellows Program have been learning about different perspectives on living in Philadelphia. 233 more words

Karabots Junior Fellows

Urban Change and Moving Images in London

I’ve recently returned from London where I attended a workshop on Urban Change and Moving Images hosted by the Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image. It was intellectually gratifying to engage with scholars of film, media, and cities over several days, as well as¬†personally refreshing to indulge my lifelong passion for cinema. 410 more words


Health-promoting places: A salutogenic approach

In this post, we are going into the health-related aspect of Urban Sanctuaries. As we think of those as being places that promote mental and physical health, Antonovski’s salutogenic model fits very well as a theory that connects health promotion with social theory. 1,221 more words

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