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UC San Diego

UC SAN DIEGO (Visited 7/18/15)

UCSD is clearly doing something right: they boast a 94% freshman to sophomore retention rate, and the average time to graduation is 4.3 years. 1,087 more words

College Visits

Brassaï’s Paris de nuit as harbinger of the [photographic] Real

It may seem an outdated or erroneous task acknowledging (or re-acknowledging) the work of this Modern photography master however, this discussion is not without a contemporary concern. 4,805 more words


Fantasy Lands: 5 urban truths I learned at Disneyland

“This book … intends to establish Manhattan as the product of an unformulated theory, Manhattanism, whose program – to exist in a world totally fabricated by man, i.e. 4,373 more words


Essay / Academic Rant: Sugarhouse Casino

Philadelphia, PA is now the largest city in the United States with a casino. SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia is a highly contested and controversial development. Since being awarded one of two gaming licenses in 2006, SugarHouse has been challenged by the City of Philadelphia, neighborhood associations, cultural groups, and local non-governmental agencies. 2,849 more words


A Clear Blue Vision: L.A. Light Rail and Twenty Five Years of the Blue Line

In a 2012 interview with transit scholar Ethan Elkind, Richard Stanger, former Los Angeles County Transit Commission rail development director, credited the 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” for popularizing the theory that “car companies had deliberately destroyed the once great Los Angeles Streetcar system,” thereby setting in motion a strain of nostalgia for the defunct Pacific Electric/Los Angeles Railway (P.E./L.A.R.) that led to greater public support for rail transit.  3,362 more words


Dr Pushpa Arabindoo

Dr. Pushpa Arabindoo

Lecturer in Geography & Urban Design


Having initially trained in architecture and urban design, Pushpa completed her PhD in Planning from the London School of Economics. 225 more words

‘Meeting Melbourne’ - Walking Tour

“Meet me under the clocks.”

This walking tour will explore Melbourne city as a ‘meeting place’ and interchangeable ‘space’ by juxtaposing both the ‘real’ places…

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