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Oscar López Rivera and the Colonial Truth of Puerto Rico

The campaign to free Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar López Rivera, a political prisoner confined in a US federal penitentiary since 1981, has dominated various sectors of Puerto Rican activism for the last decade. 1,161 more words

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Why POTUS Needs to Set Oscar Free: An Interview with José López

On December 4th I interviewed José López, whose brother Oscar López Rivera is a Puerto Rican political prisoner in the U.S, for Living in Spanglish Radio. 47 more words

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Spanish-language and Latinx Media and the US Election: How The News is Sold to Indignation Nation

The 2016 Presidential campaign has been a very significant one for Latinxs, often referred to as the “sleeping giant” of the electorate. While Republican candidate Donald Trump astonished most media observers with his set of shifting, unorthodox political positions, it’s been his crudely racist and sexist discourse that have become the campaign’s central focus. 1,739 more words

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My Interview With Economist Ian Seda-Irizarry on the Supply Side Puerto Rico Junta

In this interview with economist Ian Seda-Irizarry about the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis on Living in Spanglish radio broadcast on September 8th, we explore the new fiscal oversight board known mandated by the PROMESA bill passed by Congress. 125 more words

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The Annotated "Surreal Life on the Precipice in Puerto Rico"

In the past I’ve published critiques of articles that appear in the mainstream press about Puerto Rico. Today’s publication by The New York Times of “ 6,188 more words

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Mary Poppins Is Fine With Puerto Rico Fiscal Control Board

“I think HR 5278 has taken a bad rap, and it’s kind of unfair,” said Mary Poppins Tuesday about the new bill designed to help restructure Puerto Rico’s $72 billion debt passed by the House Natural Resources Committee last week. 327 more words

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Four Things Hillary Clinton Should Say To Get New York Puerto Rican Votes

  1. “In 1984, bankruptcy protection was arbitrarily taken away from Puerto Rico by Congress.”
  2. “The Puerto Rico debt should be audited to reveal possible illegal transactions, as well as Wall Street abuses, not only in the sale of the debt but also debt swap underwriting.”
  3. 47 more words
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