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Latin@s Explain Why the Economist's Chili Stereotype is So Wrong

This morning on WBAI’s Morning Show I interviewed Jessica Torres, a researcher who has been posting on the Media Matters site. We discussed the controversy over the reaction to the cover of… 86 more words

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Vox's Matt Yglesias Erases History of US Intervention in Latin America

At first glance I was intrigued by Matthew Yglesias’s recent post “American Democracy Is Doomed,” since it seemed to critically address the U.S.’s partisan gridlock problem. 1,423 more words

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Of Spock and Other Mixed Messages

Leonard Nimoy’s death reminded me of the many hours I spent watching the original Star Trek series (whose production company, Desilu, had a little bit to do with… 219 more words

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Radically Reshaping Latina/o America

What’s in a name? The label “Latino” is often used to describe a monolithic interest group or voting bloc. And while criticized as inaccurate because of Latinos’ diverse national, ethnic, and racial manifestations, as an organizing principal the label still conveys significant meaning—a narrative of shared experience—in both Latin America and the United States. 637 more words

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A View From Puerto Rico on Cuba's Opening: The Hard Questions of Obam-apertura

Cuba y Puerto Rico son/Cuba and Puerto Rico are

De un pájaro dos alas/Two wings of the same bird

Reciben flores y balas/ 2,063 more words

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In Memoriam Juan Flores 1943-2014

One of my favorite essays of Juan Flores’s was “La Carreta Made a U-Turn,” which was his postmodern redux of René Marques’s seminal play “La Carreta,” the one that made the case for returning to Puerto Rico from New York as the only sane and moral thing for a Puerto Rican migrant to do. 1,102 more words

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Queridos Blanquitos: The Hidden Racism of Nuestra América

There is a moment in Dear White People, a film that is drawing a lot of attention for its frank treatment of “post-racial” America–particularly in Ivy League universities–that made me laugh, although I felt not many in the theater got the joke the way I did.   877 more words

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