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Hard Times, Silver Linings and Intersections in San Juan

It’s a bittersweet moment in San Juan this summer as the pressure mounts on the island to pay a debt that was near impossible to avoid, on the backs of the poor and working class, since the middle-class mirage of the ’60s and ’70s has all but ended. 315 more words

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It's a Beautiful Day, But

It’s a beautiful day. Supreme Court decisions that grant humanity to the LGBT, affirming the idea of a “living Constitution” ; the taking down of Confederate flags around the South. 193 more words

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Puerto Rico's Dance With Debt

Puerto Rico’s Dance With Debt

Puerto Rico is mired in debt and facing default. And US colonialism is one of the main culprits.

by Ed Morales… 209 more words

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Plena From the Heart of Loisaida

Tato Torres, Monxo López and the charter members of the Loisaida Center’s Plenatorium Project came to the WBAI studios in swingin’ Boerum Hill Brooklyn to play us a few songs about life and the labors of love. 103 more words

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Francisca Valenzuela Pushes Back With "Insulto"

Chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela was a live guest on Thursday’s “Living in Spanglish” show on WBAI. She talked about her new single “Insulto” from her album… 64 more words

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Latin@s Explain Why the Economist's Chili Stereotype is So Wrong

This morning on WBAI’s Morning Show I interviewed Jessica Torres, a researcher who has been posting on the Media Matters site. We discussed the controversy over the reaction to the cover of… 86 more words

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Vox's Matt Yglesias Erases History of US Intervention in Latin America

At first glance I was intrigued by Matthew Yglesias’s recent post “American Democracy Is Doomed,” since it seemed to critically address the U.S.’s partisan gridlock problem. 1,423 more words

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