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Welcome to La Vent Tale!

This blog is designed to guide you through the process undertakenĀ to complete my photo essay, ‘La Vent Tale’.

My photo essay is to write about common negative perceptions of Laventille and use photographs to break and correct that stereotype. 192 more words

A hard days work

This man looked really tired. So much so, that he was resting his tired legs by sitting on this rather pointy bollard. Not the most comfortable place to sit!


Wonky Chair

When I see objects that have been thrown out, it often triggers storiesĀ in my mind.I think it’s pretty obvious why this chair was abandoned but how did it get like that? 35 more words


History in Pictures

I’m a big History buff so of course I’ve combined it with awesome pictures from the past.

Check out some neat images throughout time each week and learn a fun fact (cause who doesn’t like trivia!) :-) 383 more words