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Silence and Neon Lights

If I had any serious literary talent I’d probably be able to write a short novel about what it feels like to return to my home town, luckily for you though, I do not, so this little piece is the closest I’ll get to articulating what it’s like to be back on home turf after having moved my main headquarters about two hundred miles further west.  580 more words

Urban Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge #1 - Shadow

Hey all!

This is a post for the WordPress’ weekly photo challenge.

This week’s theme is Shadow and here’s a picture from the Instagram account I share with my other half. 44 more words


El Vancouvero

It’s been more than a week in Vancouver now, time to get some pictures on the screen. I spent a fair amount of time looking on english bay, which is why five out of six pictures are showing english bay. 165 more words


The Monument of Time Unknown

In spite of the Arctic weather, tempers have been flaring these past days and weeks in Budapest over the thorny matter of the 2024 Olympics. Budapest is still in contention and giant billboards have sprung up all over the city promoting the possible event, which is seen by some as an opportunity to highlight the charms of our majestic Eastern capital to the world. 356 more words


Downtown Mommy & Me

I had so much fun with these two! They’re vibrant, silly, and love each other a whole ton…and I think this session completely fits them. I’ve had a lot of requests for downtown sessions recently and I can’t believe that I still haven’t blogged this post yet. So here it is; enjoy!


One of the many murals I saw in Reykjavik, Iceland last month… not the most artistic mural I’ve seen, but definitely impressive because of its size. 38 more words

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