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Robert: A 60-word story

He was asked where he felt at ‘home’

A smile and a wince

I grew up not far from here in a small town.

I immediately moved out when I came home from travels. 26 more words


Colors of Mumbai

Mumbai, the City of Dreams.

Nikon D5200, 18-24 mm, f/4

Copyright © РYajush Hajela 16 more words



Walking through Athens in Summer is beautiful.

The Greeks celebrate it as if its return was unwarranted. In a country with 300 days of sunshine. 189 more words


the people

This is a small book of photos taken over a few years of those I’ve came across. Most are candid, some look right at you. Its part of the fun… 26 more words


Walk The Line

28 July, 2017

Picture of the Day.

A young woman carrying a pink bag walks past a basement car park in Middlesbrough, UK.

For me, this street picture works because the eye is led around the frame in a natural way, from the bottom to the top, and has plenty to look at along the way. 120 more words


Don't Walk

18 July, 2017

Picture of the Day

A man waits at a pedestrian road crossing in Middlesbrough, UK.

Ricoh GRII, ISO 100, 1/500th at f.8


You In, Bruv?

10 July, 2017

Picture of the Day

A young man shouts through a letterbox in Middlesbrough, UK after failing to get a response from knocking the door. 10 more words