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Where the River Always Flows: Pandan Ulu and Pandan Kechil

A family together with the Pandan River, these two smaller rivers either join their sister inland or share an opening with her along the west coast of Singapore. 611 more words


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According to Buddha

May I become at all times, both now and forever: a protector for those without protection; a guide for those who have lost their way; a ship for those with oceans to cross; a bridge for those with rivers to cross; a sanctuary for those in danger; a lamp for those without light; a place of refuge for those who lack shelter; and a servant to all in need. 53 more words

Buddhist Philosophical Concepts

Where the River Always Flows: Pandan River

Pandan River isn’t quite what I’d pictured in my mind: instead of the wide canals or natural riverbanks, it flows southwards as a storm drain that gradually enlarges along the way past a landscape that seems to travel backwards in time: from Jurong’s ever-growing HDB and industrial estates to a natural mangrove swamp at the end. 704 more words


Where the River Always Flows: Rochor River

Considering where it flows through, Rochor River can be considered as the most glamorous river on the island. It begins near Singapore’s highest natural point, Bukit Timah hill; cuts through the very piece of prime land where scenes of… 1,224 more words


Where the River Always Flows: Singapore River

For a river so rich in history and commercially significant even till today, the Singapore River has a rather unassuming start. It begins as an ordinary neighbourhood canal that flows east towards the glitzy Marina Bay, taking one past a contrasting albeit beautiful landscape of old monuments and new high-rises, restored wharves and futuristic waterfronts. 1,947 more words


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Where the River Always Flows: Kallang River

For a tiny island, Singapore has quite a number of rivers. Amongst them stood out Kallang River, which is the island’s longest despite measuring up to only ten kilometres in length. 1,529 more words