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Unusual Directional 

 So I guess the ad was too vague it needed an arrow.

Retro Americano

Spaces like these brings me back to the 90’s in the Philippines. There in front of an old TV set while catching establishing shots of American movies set in gritty cities where diaturbia ensued, I got my first taste of a world far yet becoming somewhat similar to my own. 23 more words

Love Seat? 

Across the highway from #ybor is Tampa Heights. It’s the complete opposite of the Tampa most people know. Here not all of the historic buildings get the redo. 27 more words

Copenhagen As Seen From Above

I often wander the street of Copenhagen looking op, and taking in details,  but I rarely take the time to see Copenhagen from above. Copenhagen has several view spots were it is possible to see Copenhagen from the top. 485 more words


Week 18 - Urbanscape

The Challenge for Week 18 of my 52 Week Landscape Composition Photo Challenge is Urbanscape/Cityscape. Over the course of last year, I have done some cityscapes. 343 more words