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Springtime in Sweden

This past May, I had the opportunity to visit Sweden to make a presentation about my photographic research at the international Geomedia 2017 conference. The conference was held at Karlstad University in the town of Karlstad. 136 more words


Two more Golden Shower trees... within sight of HKU MTR station

  • Specie: Golden Shower (cassia fistula 臘腸樹/豬腸豆)
  • Location: Pok Fu Lam Road outside HKU MTR station, HKU parking lot

When I first came across the Golden Shower (cassia fistula) tree on… 211 more words


The 'Guardian' of the South on Pok Fu Lam road

  • Specie: Chinese Banyan (ficus microcarpa)
  • Old and valuable tree listing: LCSD CW/6
  • Location: Pok Fu Lam Road, corner of Mount Davis road and Smithfield

Hong Kong Island is divided into many parts, or should I say, there are many parts to the Northern end of the Island, but then the rest, beyond the mountains in the middle, is simply the South. 372 more words


O Joy, my first Yellow Jade Orchid tree

  • Species: Yellow Jade Orchid tree (magnolia (michelia) champaca)
  • Location: Pok Fu Lam Road, entrance of the HKU’s Flora Ho Sports Centre just south of Pokfield Road…
  • 362 more words

DANGER, danger: is this an accident waiting to happen?

  • Species: Sea Mango/Cerbera (cerbera manghas)
  • Location: Garden Road besides Cheung Kong Centre

As I recently discovered, Sea Mango trees, or Cerbera (cerbera manghas), and their fruits are poisonous. 279 more words


An octopus Camphor and friends living amongst the primates

  • Species: Hoop Pine, Bald Cypress, Queensland Kauri/Dammar Pine, Fake Olive, Kassod Tree, Pincushion Tree, Chaulmoogra Tree, Cinnamon Camphor
  • Old and valuable tree of Hong Kong listings: Hoop Pine LCSD CW/51, Bald Cypress LCSD CW/50, Queensland Kauri/Dammar Pine LCSD CW/49, Fake Olive LCSD CW/52, Kassod Tree ARCHSD CW/30, Pincushion Tree LCSD CW/48, Chaulmoogra Tree LCSD CW/46, Cinnamon Camphor…
  • 549 more words

An ancient Big-leaved Fig stands as a testament to the city's history

  • Species: Big-leaved Fig
  • Old and valuable tree of Hong Kong listing: CSO CW/5
  • Location: Battery Path, Central

Continuing the journey along Battery Path, there is one singular presence that is hard to miss. 309 more words