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Going wild in the City

I love celebrations. So when a suggestion was put forward for a day out to celebrate our friend Mwarv’s winning a photography award, I was all in. 1,004 more words

Into the Light 

I always walk
straight into the light
then no one sees
if I’m not on purpose
and you never discovers
if I’m oscillating forward
or towards the past… 86 more words


Torn Memory

I’ve torn every memory
since we split paths
and yet still
I can recount
the exact number
of expectant steps
you made made under my windows



we’re victims
both of us
of a long fought war
it’s phoney, and we’ve avoided any elevated word, and any raised arm
but nonetheless it’s a war… 28 more words


Forgotten Guilt

It’s my guilt, that I tend to forget,

that you have to walk a landscape

of old sorrows and buried feelings


Săptamâna 17 - Landscape: Urbanscape

Deși nu este cel mai bun lucru, peisajele urbane încep să includă din ce în ce mai puțin natura;

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