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Where the Cars Have Gone to Die (2015)

This place was once used to make gunpowder, as a complementary facility to the close by underground factory we’ve visited earlier. The contrast between its concrete structures and the surrounding greenery is striking in summer. 73 more words


Blub Berlin: The Abandoned Water Park (2015)

This is perhaps the craziest place we’ve come upon so far. It is said that once upon a time (yeah, we’re talking about the 90:s) Blub Berlin was the place to be for anyone who was looking for a badass water park experience, and we have no problem believing that; this former bathing paradise definitely seems to have had it all. 124 more words


Photos from inside Charlton's closed-to-the-public Summer House

Not exactly proper urbex (the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust kindly let me in to have a look), but here are some pics taken yesterday inside Charlton’s (probably) Inigo Jones-design Summer House. 23 more words


The Paper Factory (2015)

This factory was once part of the Swedish pulp- and paper industry. Now the machines are still and silent since long. Work is still being conducted in the surrounding areas, but within the fence it is as if time has stopped – just like the large clock on the factory façade. 36 more words


The White House (2014)

Deep into the landscape of northern Sweden we found this beautiful house. Completely isolated and forgotten, it still had a treasure of memories in store. 45 more words


The Holiday Recreation Centre (2014)

This is one of the coolest places we’ve visited so far. It used to be a place where people came during summer with their families to camp, bathe and generally have a really great and relaxing time. 97 more words