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Southern Hills: The Love of My Life

I met her on move-in day, in a thwarted attempt to find West Campus. Somewhere behind the Towers and Trueblood I got lost and found myself turning down Logan Drive and that’s where I met my love. 755 more words

Urban Exploration (Urbex): The ‘Why’

Urbex: Urban Exploration of man-made structures which have been abandoned and fallen into disrepair…but why? What drives individuals to partake in such an unusual and somewhat risky hobby? 595 more words


La Villa delle Streghe, the Witch house of Tivegna

There has always existed an aura of mystery about this villa. The certain news are irrilevant, and nobody really knows why this house is called “Villa delle Streghe”. 144 more words


Teatro Guido, Inside the abandoned teather

This beautiful theater, now abandoned, was inaugurated in September 1895. Up until the beginning of the First World War it had the prestigious role of lyric theater. 131 more words

Villa Renier, historic villa abode of Ugo Foscolo

This beautiful historic villa is located on a hill surrounded by cypress trees, in a small village of 600 inhabitants. Here, as early as 200 there was a fortified building. 241 more words


Villa Magnoni and its ghost.

Very little is known about Villa Magnoni, an abandoned house in Cona, near Ferrara. The old, big house must once have been magnificent, but it has been empty for lot of years. 250 more words

Aguscello, the asylum of ghost children

This place has all the features to make it one of the place of the most classic among legends and ghost stories: an uncertain past, the innocent spirits of children victims of horrendous abuses, and an atmosphere due perhaps more to an improper care of the living rather than the maledictions of the dead. 684 more words