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Don’t fret, Slava has it all sorted

Internationally renowned classical guitarist Slava Grigoryan will lead an array of tutors at the first Adelaide Guitar Festival Summer School.

The one-week intensive course will be held at the Adelaide Festival Centre from Monday, January 18 and will conclude with a concert on Friday, January 22 at the Dunstan Playhouse . 175 more words

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My wife

My wife and I have been married for more than a month, but the honeymoon life makes me crazy.
His wife is a science, was born in an intellectual family, have a good family education. 401 more words

Urdu Sex Story

I feel sick

I never on Saturday, Sunday to Lao Li call. But the day before yesterday evening, I hung up, to take the cup went to the kitchen and forget to do, like lost souls. 378 more words

Urdu Sex Story


I am a virgin complex girl, conservative, to the strict. To tell the truth, I like girls, the first time for my husband who are few, but my husband is not virgin, probably because of this, my husband very pet me, forgive me, but his inner melancholy and sentimental, disposition is a bit weak, before me and many women in the online relationship ambiguous ( because of his ex-girlfriend cheating, finally breaking up, he just to get rid of the pain ), online is to empty the vent. 299 more words

Urdu Sex Story

I and my boyfriend

I and my boyfriend is a junior high school students, because sitting at each other is good, just puppy love, when we were 15 years old ( he is 5 months younger than me, he is 88 years, 87 years ). 750 more words

Urdu Sex Story

Urdu Sex story

I and small beam are grown up with good friend. Our primary school, middle school, University together, after graduation from the University and joined now we are in the city, even the place we all live in the same community life, I live in 5, she lived in 8 houses are separated by only two, intermediate. 541 more words

Urdu Sex Story