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Solution (Simple Product) of URI online judge problem 1004 by c++

Make a simple problem that only read two integer values. After that, calculate the product between them and store the result in a variable named… 94 more words


Solution (Simple Sum) of URI online judge problem 1003 by c++

Read two variables A and B. Next, calculate the sum between them and assign it to the variable SOMA. Write the value of this variable. 70 more words


Solution (Area of a Circle) of URI online judge problem 1002 by c++

The area of the circle is defined as A = π . R2, having π as 3.14159.

Calculate the area using the formula given in the problem description. 75 more words


Solution (Extremely Basic) of URI online judge problem 1001 by c++

Read 2 variables, named A and B and make the sum of these two variables, assigning its result to the variableX. Print X… 87 more words


Things move fast around here!

First, I got a Maggie update! This is another thing about the Kennedy Commons adoption centre; because they have a pretty big team in place, they can do follow-ups. 470 more words

Have You Gotten Your Senior Week Ticket Yet?

Tickets went on sale for URI’s Senior Week today. Senior Week is the last week before graduation (May 14-21), and it has a lineup of fun events to end the college careers of many of URI’s finest or for some a nice way to start their victory lap(s). 74 more words


Bills Bills Bills

good evening!

MONEY! Money is the source of all my stress this month. I filled out my FASFA this month and I have “nothing to worry about”, except the money to pay for college. 255 more words