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Rhode Island Will Rule The A-10, But Could They Rule The NCAA?

The main question mark surrounding an otherwise impressive roster for the 2017-2018 season is how will the Rams do defensively without the stellar defensive anchor… 392 more words

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Don’t clock out, disaster relief takes time

A couple weeks ago, I gave a call to Scott Quinn, an interfaith leader in northern California. Quinn is living in the heart of California wine-country, which was destroyed by wildfires this month. 850 more words

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8 Infrastructure Giants Could Continue to Bring Upside for Investors

As the end of 2017 approaches, there are some serious reflections that must be made. The stock market indexes were all up well into the double-digits for percentage gains, and the Dow’s surge beyond 23,000 looks like 25,000 might be in the cards a year from now. 1,687 more words


United Rentals (URI) sees Significant Insider Selling Continuing

Friday, October 20, 2017 10:15 PM ET

United Rentals (URI) sees Significant Insider Selling Continuing

A notable insider sale of the shares of United Rentals was disclosed in a form 4 document filed with the SEC today, showing — Michael Kneeland, Director and Officer — sold 30,000 shares in the company having a market value of approximately $4,341,591. 234 more words



दीपावलीहर्ष, उल्लासएवंप्रकाश (ज्ञान) कापर्वहै।यहहिन्दू, जैन, बौद्धएंवसिखधर्मकेअनुयायियोंकामहत्त्वपूर्णपर्वहै।भारत, श्रीलंका, इण्डोनेशिया, नेपाल, मलेशिया, सिंगापुर, म्यांमारआदिदेशोंमेंइसत्योहारकोसभीलोगबहुतश्रद्धाएवंआस्थाकेसाथमनातेहैं।दीपावलीशब्दसंस्कृतभाषाकेदोशब्दों“दीप” एवं“अवलि” सेमिलकरबनाहै– “दीप” एवं“अवलि”।दीपकाअर्थहैदीपकअथवादीया; तथाअवलीकाअर्थहैश्रंखला।अर्थातअपनेघरोंकेचारोंओरदीपोंकीश्रंखलाबनाकरमनायाजानेवालायहप्रकाशपर्वहीदीपावलीहै।


Need of the Hour- Saying no to Crackers on Diwali

‘Deepawali’ or ‘Diwali’- the festival of lights is one of the many ‘Hindu’ festivals celebrated across India. It is celebrated to mark the homecoming of Lord Rama (an avatar of Vishnu) and his wife Sita after 14 years in exile, signifying what is supposedly a victory of good over evil. 516 more words