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A MP3 Player Firmware Update Causing Sentient Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

I had a variety of dreams that I woke up remembering, I was confident enough that I could remember them without recording them and I went back to sleep without recording them, I woke up remembering two similar dreams still confident that I would remember them even after going back to sleep, but I forgot those dreams after going back to sleep and dreaming some more so now I can only remember part of several other dreams. 812 more words


HOUSEWORK SUCKS - Marilyn Armstrong

Housework seriously sucks.

It’s not just me who thinks so. No one likes it, not even the people who are paid to do it for other people. 837 more words


Local woman gives environmental reasons for disgusting habit of peeing in shower

An Eltham woman has been hiding behind the flimsy premise that she pees in the shower because it saves water and is good for the environment. 180 more words


Oui Oui Indeed!

I found this article to be rather amusing, which is why I am sharing it on my blog site.   Of course public urination is a nuisance worldwide, but I love the fact that Parisians have responded to the issue by providing volume loaded individuals with pissing pots!  14 more words


Cuddly Black-and-White Bears, or Blood Sucking Worms?

PANDAS. I have a gut feeling. It sounds like PANDAS,” said my friend Stacey.

“But he’s never been a PANDAS kid,” I replied. 790 more words


షేమ్..షేమ్.. పప్పీ షేమ్!

బలవంతంగా కళ్లు తెరిచాడు.
భళ్లున కుమ్మరించినట్టు ఒక్కసారిగా భరించలేనంత వెలుతురు.
చప్పున మళ్లీ కళ్లు మూసుకున్నాడు.
లేవాలని ప్రయత్నించాడు. కానీ, ఒళ్లు సహకరించలేదు. కానీ, తప్పదు అర్జంటుగా లేవాలి.. లేచి తీరాలి. లేకపోతే పరుపు తడిసిపోయేట్టుంది.