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Changing the Site URL

At long last, I have discarded the old “Old Alexius” title altogether. A moment of reverent silence, if you please.

For those who are not aware, the original title of this blog came from the original idea that Old Alexius–-the titular tiger of my blog––was the sole writer and content provider for this site. 156 more words

Editor's Notes

Retrieving data out of a Query string

Every website has a url (uniform resource identifier)/ unique readable web link.

The link points you to the web server and the web page you are looking for. 650 more words


opencart current url

the seo guy requested to add link to current url to each H1 in the site so i found this code to do this

  <?php  $url = "http://$_SERVER$_SERVER"; ?>
  <h1><a href="<?php echo $url; ?>"><?php echo $heading_title; ?></a></h1>


Hosting and domains and websites -- oh my! (what's the difference?)

When you’re building a website or starting a blog for the first time, there’s so much new terminology to learn! Web hosting, servers, domain, domain registration — what does it all mean? 1,134 more words

Improve Your Website

Download links update

Recently I got some comments about broken links on my site. I have checked and confirmed that all Onedrive links have been broken due to unknown reasons. 42 more words


The Wonders of the Web

Hi all! Have you ever wondered if a website is reliable? Is the information accurate? Well, below are some topics you want to look at when evaluating a website! 264 more words