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February 8th

Bonus Day!  I really like this next tool, it just seems to “cutesy” rather than practical.  Read that as a challenge for anyone to employ it in their classroom! 117 more words


Solidarity: time to take off

The Solidarity Support Challenge is about to take off. In a few hours the first list of five bloggers of the day shall be published. See the rules after the list of names. 537 more words

February 7th

Today is the final day talking about URL shorteners (although I might have one more in store).  So far we’ve seen TinyURL which is easy to remember, bit.ly which you can track students clicks, Shoutkey which is only up for a few hours but with real words and finally we come to… 181 more words


February 6th

The past two post have been about URL shorteners… get ready for a 3rd!

February 6th – Shoutkey

I love getting together with tech geeks – you learn so much.   117 more words


February 5th

Yesterday I wrote about Tinyurl, a simple URL (uniform resource locator or web address) website that allows you to take a long url and make it smaller, even with a custom alias so it’s easy to remember.   227 more words


February 4th

When I first came to NYC and started teaching in an elementary school on the Upper East Side, I realized really quick that URL’s can be the bane of your existence as a teacher.   247 more words