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Base64 URL Safe Encoding / Decoding (RFC-7515)

A few days back I was required to encode some string in base 64 URL safe. After some research I found that there are several variants of base 64. 220 more words

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what is a URL & a URI ?

In this article, let’s try to understand what basically a URL is and what’s a URI is.

One can classify URIs as locators (URLs), or as names (URNs), or as both. 403 more words


How to Change URL Link of YouTube Channel

If you’re an YouTuber then you definitely want a shortest URL Link for your own YouTube channel instead of that stupid mixture of Alphabetical and numerical digits, so that it can be easier for your… 246 more words


Domain URL Optimization in SEO

Domain is the main factor of the our digital market world. Without it nothing is impossible to find the proper knowledge of particular topic and subject. 558 more words


How to find website URL for List of companies in Excel

How to find website URL for List of companies in Excel ? ?


Our team had derived cost effective technique in excel to find website for the list of companies. 136 more words

Spark sc.textFile Client.java.handleConnectionTimeout error

Image that you have setup your hadoop environment with Spark and you start to read in the files on the HDFS but it gives you error at the first step: reading the textfile with sparkContext. 160 more words