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May, 2018: Ursula LeGuin's 'Earthsea: The Farthest Shore'. In Review

What a finale. I should write a note about my progress this month before mentioning the text, because that’s what I’ve done in all the previous posts – but I couldn’t wait. 860 more words


Short Stories

Here’s my thing about short stories: They’re effing short!

Yes. Duh. Give me a minute here.

My problem with writing short stories is that I never really learned how to craft one properly. 691 more words


Le Guin crossover the 2nd

Some time ago I observed a commonality between Le Guin’s “Omelas” and “The Beast Below.” Now, having just finished “Tehanu,” #4 in Le Guin’s Earthsea series, I’ve got another one. 889 more words

Doctor Who

April, 2018: Ursula LeGuin's 'Earthsea: The Tombs of Atuan'. In Review

A Note on Progress in April

My reading habits have dipped a dangerous amount in the last two months. I was positively gripped by Herbert’s  842 more words


Steampunk and the Dark Man's Burden

Colonialism is a frequent backdrop to my stories, regardless whether I write dieselpunk or fantasy, stories or role-playing games. Since I have one foot in Europe and one in India, I have had the unusual experience of seeing that phenomenon from both sides. 453 more words


March, 2018: Ursula LeGuin's 'Earthsea: A Wizard of Earthsea'. In Review.

A Note on Progress in March

It is with regret that I inform you that Earthsea lies unfinished. Days have passed since I last picked it up, perhaps even as much as a week! 979 more words