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The Light of Words

It’s important to remember things, to love things. To go back and do simple, sometimes tedious things. Sometimes I find quotes in books that ring inside my head; things that remind me to stay strong and stay bright. 155 more words

Life Opinion

Curiosity Changed the Character: Intro to Banned Books Month

Dorothy McQuaid
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Recently, a book club associated with BWP read The Dispossessed by Ursula K. 779 more words


Taking Up LeGuin for a Feminist Critique of Conversation

This last week I vlogged about how it’s hard to have a satisfying, exploratory conversation, especially when it comes to difficult or fraught subjects. I was thinking about Ursula LeGuin’s essay “ 256 more words


The Dictator of Our Imagination: Karen Bender on Trump's Exploitation of Conservatives' Fears

The writer Ursula LeGuin says: “The imagination is truly the enemy of bigotry and dogma.” This statement makes perfect sense—the imagination can take us out of ourselves to help us inhabit the world of another person, thus creating empathy. 1,228 more words

Authors As Guest Bloggers


Cattle, sheep, swine, asses, mules, and goats, along with chickens, geese, and turkeys, all agreed enthusiastically to give their names back to the people to whom–as they put it–they belonged. 1,172 more words


Depth v Breadth, the Crucial Trade-off

I have begun to arouse a little opposition among by beloved Bookies.[1] It’s not the puns this time. They drew the line at three puns per book group meeting and I have stayed well short of the line. 1,489 more words