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First day of school in Senior High School

Life is an adventure, it is fun, yet full of challenges. Life is also full of surprises, not all things that we expected to happen will come true. 335 more words

20 September 1941: Submarine Raid on Axis Troopship Threatens Libya Campaign

Malta – World War 2. First visit to maltagc70? CLICK HERE  

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(Review) Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of The Sea Witch

Brief Review:

“A dark gray mist followed Ursula like creeping tentacles as she made her way through the seemingly abandoned town of Ipswich.” Poor Unfortunate Soul, like Ursula, will creep its tentacles around you and keep you buried into the story. 320 more words

The Little Mermaid (1989)

A sweet little movie (which was also the film to kick-start the period known as The Disney Renaissance) about a mermaid who longs to visit the human world. 254 more words


Tasty Tentacle Badge

Whether you’re a member of Ursula’s elite or just a poor unfortunate soul stuck on land, there’s no denying the sea witch is a legend. Now you can celebrate the fabulous  57 more words


D H Lawrence - Women in Love,1920

It happened in the afternoon that Ursula sat in the Reunionsaal talking to Loerke. The latter had seemed unhappy lately. He was lively and full of mischievous humour, as usual. 4,080 more words

20th Century


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