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China trip 5: the "again china??" trip (overview)

(China trip 4 was part of the Trans-siberian that I will describe later)


11-29 May 2016

Background of the trip:

When I finished my PhD, I decided to take a trip and enjoy my free time before I get a job. 313 more words


Κινεζοταξίδι 5: το "πάλι Κίνα??" ταξίδι

(το Κινεζοταξίδι 4 είναι μέρος του Υπερσιβηρικού που θα περιγράψω αργότερα)


11-29 Μαΐου 2016

Background του ταξιδιού:

Όταν τελείωσα το διδακτορικό μου αποφάσισα να κάνω ένα ταξίδι πριν βρω δουλειά. 20 more words


پولۇ Polo (Xinjiang, China)

From the portion size, you can tell they knew I was coming.  From the reused cooking oil, you can tell I knew what I was getting into. 237 more words

Food & Drink

Silk Road 9: As Far From The Sea As You Can Be

Urumqi is the furthest city anywhere in the world from the ocean. This makes it sound very exotic as does saying the word Urumqi (or its lovely Mandarin equivalent Wulumuqi). 435 more words

Trip Report

This one time, in Urumqi...


Continuing on from my last post about Shanghai, our next stop was Urumqi. I’d describe Urumqi as a giant city in the middle of nowhere. 1,816 more words


The Urumqi Riots and China’s Ethnic Policy in Xinjiang

Shan, W., & Chen, G. (2011). The Urumqi riots and China’s ethnic policy in Xinjiang. East Asian Policy, 1(3), 14-22. PDF


The Urumqi riots revealed deep-rooted ethnic tensions in China and called into question Beijing’s ethnic policies. 47 more words


Chinese Oppression Against Uighurs

“Wear nice and tidy clothes and be good citizens of Urumqi city…

Stand against/Oppose wearing ‘abnormal’ clothes.”

East Turkestan, known as the Xinjiang (meaning new territory in Chinese) Uighur Autonomous Region after its occupation in 1949 by China, is located northwest of China. 167 more words