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When in Urumqi: the subtle feeling of social anxiety

I arrived in Urumqi, the capital of the Uyghur autonomous region of Xinjiang, on the 10th right after lunch. The four-hour flight from Beijing was pleasant, despite being completely packed with people, and reaching my hotel from the airport was a piece of cake: one hour and a half by bus, for the modest price of one yuan (around 0.2 Euro). 487 more words


Guild Hall Dining, #1

While on a walking tour of Beijing’s Tienanmen Square and environs, I learned that from way back when each province of China has had guild halls where envoys from the provinces would stay. 450 more words

Expat Life

Terror threats transform China's Uighur heartland into security state

 Reuters International

MAR 31, 2017 

The locked door of a neighbourhood mosque is seen in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China, March 23, 2017. Many smaller neighbourhood mosques have been closed by the authorities in favour of larger more centralised places of worship, locals and an analyst said. 491 more words


Man pops the question with 33-ton "meteorite"

They say you should spend at least three months’ salary when selecting an engagement meteorite, but this guy seems to have gone overboard. 345 more words


China stages another mass show of military force in restive Xinjiang

Anti-terror rally in regional capital Urumqi follows similar shows of strength in the Uygur heartland

Sunday, February 19, 2017, 5:51pm

Chinese security forces take part in an anti-terror rally in Xinjiang. 351 more words

Entering Kazakhstan 

The excitement entering a new country still thrills me each time I do it. Though we had not entered Kazakhstan quite the way we had planned, it was still an adventure. 350 more words

China To UK By Bicycle