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Emotional Support Animals are allowed to fly for free (even pigs), but are all of them legit?

It sounds like the kind of riddle you’d find in the back pages of Highlights magazine, but what’s the quickest way to make pigs fly? Register them as emotional support animals. 702 more words


Wheelchair-bound woman files lawsuit after crawling into plane

A woman in a wheelchair was told to board a flight on her own and she did so by crawling up the stairs to the plane. 629 more words


Man expresses frustration with US Air by stripping naked at Charlotte airport

When you hear that your flight has been overbooked, you can react in a number of different ways. You can cross your arms and throw yourself down into a departure gate chair, exhaling loudly to convey the message, “Of COURSE it is;” you can shrug it off and finish eating the Pinkberry you earned by¬†walking on the carpet ( 353 more words


Guy Upset Over Overbooked US Airways Flight Strips Naked In Charlotte Airport

There are many things you can do when a flight is overbooked, but a lot of those things won’t get you on an airplane. That includes stripping down to your birthday suit in the airport while yelling at people, like witnesses say one man did after trying unsuccessfully to get aboard a US Airways flight at Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Jamaica yesterday. 210 more words

CNBC's Jim Cramer's interview with American Airlines CEO Doug Parker

Mad Money’s (on CNBC) Jim Cramer interviews American Airlines CEO Doug Parker on May 19, 2015.

American Airlines

5 things we'll miss about US Airways

After integrating loyalty programs, American is set to phase out the US Airways brand altogether over a 90-day period starting sometime this summer. The combined reservations system could occur as soon as July, which would mean the full retirement of the 80 year-old brand by October. 492 more words


US Airways is approaching its final destination

Starting this fall, an iconic American brand will be no more as US Airways completely folds into its new parent American Airlines.

The fadeout of flights under the US Airways banner is expected to start in July and take around 90 days, according to the… 81 more words