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A delay is better than a disaster 

Nick and I went to see Sully today at the cinema and I came out and thought I had to write about this (I’ll try not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it) … 249 more words


Air Europa and CFM International celebrate 30-year relationship

Air Europa and CFM International are celebrating the 30th anniversary of a very successful relationship that began in 1986 when the airline launched passenger service with CFM56-3-powered… 223 more words


The President's Shuttle

Mr. Trump operated his own airline

Following the recent US presidential election, it is worth noting that the new President-elect Mr. Donald Trump was, at one time, owner of his own airline.

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由影帝Tom Hanks主演的”Sully”
2009年Sully為機長的US Airways 1549號
無人傷亡,大眾視其為英雄並稱此為”哈德遜奇蹟”。 12 more words

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US Airlines Is Allowed To Weigh Passengers Now To Prevent Crash Landings!

Looks like US Airways is joining the group of airlines that actually weighs passengers before they get on airplanes.

Hawaiian Airlines started weighing people earlier this year, and there have been multiple complaints about it. 48 more words


Thank You for My Life

The other day I saw the movie Sully. I knew before I gazed up at the screen that it would be good. I absolutely love Tom Hanks, and when I heard about Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landing his US Airways plane in the Hudson River and saving everyone on board back in 2009, I was absolutely stunned. 235 more words


Brace for impact : 'Sully'

I like chatty pilots, especially those with a fine turn of phrase. But the one time that I could have done without a compulsive talker for a pilot was in September 2010, when I was returning from Spain & Portugal. 405 more words