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Reserve Promotions:  My Experience

According to my experience this is my explanation of promotion in the Army Reserve.

The reserve promotion system is dynamically different from that of Active Duty. 735 more words

Us Army Reserve

Apple Watch in the Army Now

I was very skeptical of the Apple Watch after its unveiling. But as time passed I was drawn to the fitness tracking above all else. And let me just say, this little guy is like my new electronic bestie. 173 more words


Farewell Battle

My really good friend and battle buddy SSG Myers has gone home. He listened when I was down and out and he always expressed genuine concern. 77 more words


RIP Training Complete

I had to say farewell and all the best to these soldiers because I trained them, and now let them go off to accomplish months of good work without me. 100 more words


E-6/Staff Sergeant on hold

I posted a video stating briefly that I would be making the rank of staff sergeant soon.  Well, I have since then learned some very upsetting news.   597 more words


I re-enlisted!

This is really late news, but I figured I would jump on my blog to make it official.  On March 26, 2015 I re-enlisted into the United States Army Reserve for another 6.   110 more words


Army Commission wants easier active-to-reserve transition

The congressionally mandated group tasked with examining the Army’s future force structure believes the service must improve the transition of soldiers back and forth between active duty and the Reserve and Guard. 35 more words

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