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Protesters Face 80 Years as US Attorney Brings Unprecedented Mass Felony Charges

by Unicorn Riot – The States

Dozens of the over two hundred people arrested protesting President Trump’s inauguration on January 20 (‘J20’) have appeared in court over the last two weeks. 1,641 more words


Trump’s Personal Lawyer Brags That He Got Preet Bharara Fired

❝ Marc Kasowitz, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer in the Russia investigation, has boasted to friends and colleagues that he played a central role in the firing of Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, according to four people familiar with the conversations.

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A busy week for Mr. Drumpf

The White House has apologized to the British government after alleging that a UK intelligence agency GCHQ spied on Trump at the behest of former President Barack Obama. 1,560 more words


Manhattan federal prosecutor Preet Bharara is fired after refusing call for resignation

On Friday, the administration of US president Donald Trump requested that 46 Obama-era US attorneys submit their resignations. Replacing a former administration’s prosecutors is not unusual in itself… 338 more words

US Attorney Preet Bharara Fired

Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked all Obama holdover US Attorneys to hand in their resignation. This has been customary in US politics for a long time with new administrations wanting their own people staffed as opposed to partisan appointees. 108 more words


US Attorney Refuses To Resign, Wants To Be Fired

Senator Jeff Sessions wants to clean house at the DOJ and bring in his own people. That is something every American should be good with. Having appoinEes of the a former Administration, particularly one that wants to destroy you is a bad idea. 47 more words


Readers on Raniere with notes by Parlato

Several readers commented on a post here with a link to a youtube featuring Keith Raniere being interviewed by an adoring disciple.

You tube video feature Raniere interviewed by a precocious disciple. 1,639 more words