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UK/US Box Office Summary November 13th - 15th 2015

Top 5 Breakdown

  1. Spectre – £7,824,688 – total £77,570,546

2D took £7,130,024 total £71,646,018 – IMAX (40 screens) £694,664 – total £5,924,529

Has become the fourth biggest film in the UK overtaking 2010’s Toy Story £74m by next weekend will become third biggest film in the UK toppling 1998’s Titanic £80.1m… 1,089 more words

US Weekend Box Office - July 10th to 12th


This was foreshadowed by its opening weekend in the UK as Minions opened in the US as the clear number one with $115.2m.  Given the film is so-so in terms of quality it goes to prove the power of a recognisable name and the reason why studios are going to keep giving us sequels because they tend to fair better.   147 more words

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Borrrringggg, Borrrringggg - US Weekend Box Office June 26th to 28th

Ted 2 under performs while Jurassic World and Inside Out trade blows

I’d read a report that three films were expected to achieve a $50m weekend – … 166 more words

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US Box Office June 19th - 21st

The Major Emotion Picture doesn’t quite have enough to unsettle the T-Rex

While Inside Out might have fallen short of delivering another number one for Disney and Pixar there’ll be no complaining at Mickey Mouse towers.   215 more words

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US Box Office June 12th to 14th - WARNING, this blog contains shock news ...

… perhaps not shock news but not even Mr Half-Glass-Full man (or lady) saw this coming

If you meet anyone in the street who puffs out their chest and says ‘yeah, I knew… 244 more words

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What They're Watching Across the Pond - US Box Office May 29th to 31st

It’s all becoming a little too much for our Editor-In-Chief (i.e. Me)

This week I joined a small (very) underground network of movie bloggers who believe that… 185 more words

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