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The US Census Digs Deeper

Where were your ancestors from?

Over 45 million Americans identify their dominant ancestry as German and 22,000 identify theirs as Marshallese, from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. 1,399 more words


Don't call me MENA, call me Arab

Don’t call me MENA, call me Arab

President Obama is considering placing an all inclusive category called “MENA” (Middle Eastern and North Africa) on the US Census forms going out soon to identify the nation’s 2020 demographic population, but I think the designation should be sweet and simple “Arab.” I’m not MENA, I am Arab and I am proud. 354 more words

Middle East Topics

A tool for k-12 teachers: Statistics in Schools.

SEPT. 7, 2016 — The U.S. Census Bureau unveiled today its newly updated Statistics in Schools program for K-12 teachers and students. Using current and historical data, the Census Bureau provides teachers the tools to help students understand statistical concepts and improve their data analysis skills. 463 more words


Statistics as evidence: Using US Census data to support historical thinking

It’s becoming easier and easier to find primary source evidence online. And while many of you are stopping in at places like Google Public Data and GapMinder, it can still be difficult to find digital sources that specifically target the use of data and statistics. 387 more words


The future of Spanish-speaking America is under threat

To the average observer, it may seem as if the Spanish language is secure in the US. After all, there are now even more Spanish speakers in the states… 568 more words

Episode 33: The New Minority Majority

Happy July lovelies! This week we kickstart our discussion with the latest Serial podcast update. A judge ordered a retrial for Adnan Syed after a… 125 more words


DENOMINATIONS & A map of the most common Christian denominations by county

by Gwen Sharp, PhD, W & W Norton and Company Publishers, February 25, 2009.

The counties with a dot indicate that 50% or more of residents belong to the dominant denomination. 53 more words