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Crossing the Radar Screen

It’s Friday and it’s snowing here in Worcester – all of the makings of a quiet afternoon. I’ve spent the day mostly working through a book that I recently bought, … 515 more words

Bits And Pieces

Show Me the Numbers

I’ve noticed how ever since I became an evaluator, I’m much more in tune to numbers. This isn’t to say that I never paid any attention to numbers before, but now, when I hear stories on the radio or I read articles in my local newspaper, I look more closely at what’s being reported regarding those numbers. 889 more words


Boston 17th for new permits

Recent data from the United States Census showed that the Boston metropolitan area ranked 17th in the nation for new housing construction permits in 2015, with 15,248 issued. 187 more words

Boston homeownership rate falls

According to United States Census Bureau data released yesterday, the homeownership rate in the Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area, was at 59.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015. 52 more words

Americans are working fewer hours—and it's making income inequality worse

Several months ago, Jeb Bush gaffed that, for the US economy to flourish, Americans should work more hours. Pile-on ensued; critics exclaimed modern Americans are already over-worked… 597 more words

The maps on how Americans get to work

New data released by the United States Census Bureau give us an updated view of how Americans get to work and how long it takes them. 481 more words

The US probably isn't as white as it claims

As the US grows more diverse, the way its demographers categorize race is increasingly in need of a revamp.

The US Census has been experimenting with modifying its questions, to make sure the results of its decennial survey reflect the country’s population when it comes out in 2020. 359 more words