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The US probably isn't as white as it claims

As the US grows more diverse, the way its demographers categorize race is increasingly in need of a revamp.

The US Census has been experimenting with modifying its questions, to make sure the results of its decennial survey reflect the country’s population when it comes out in 2020. 359 more words

Off White Privilege

Recent terror attacks in Paris and Beirut. Civil war in Syria. Forced exodus of millions of Syrian and Iraqi families. French bombs. U.S. bombs. Russian bombs. 704 more words


Cool and Worrying Census Data

While looking for info on car ownership in Boston from the United States Census last night I found that they keep track of housing unit construction. 123 more words

All 300-plus languages spoken in American homes, and the number of people who speak them

This item has been corrected.

Every year, the US Census Bureau releases data on the languages spoken in American homes. Usually it groups the languages in  646 more words

Analog at the 2006 Hugos

I’m still investigating the shift in taste that’s taken place in the last few years that froze Analog out of the Hugos. In 2006 Analog… 265 more words

Hugo Awards

Nap Time with Uncle Jim

I just had the misfortune of listening to former Governor Jim Douglas “interviewing” Lt. Gov. Phil Scott. It was an interview in the strictest sense of the word: Douglas talked, and Scott talked back. 1,666 more words

2016 Election