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How the word, and title, "president" took its seat

In Latin, president literally means “the one who sits before.”

Presidents’ Day, officially called Washington’s Birthday, has been a US federal holiday since 1879, honoring the country’s first president – and subsequent ones – around his date of birth, February 22.

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Progressive Policy Defined


The components of a Progressive policy is unclear. How is it different from Liberal policy, or is it just an alternative name? It is both. 500 more words


only governors can call up the national guard

why would someone inside or on the fringes of trump administration circulate a memo about calling up 100,000 members of US national guard to handle rounding up illegal aliens. 266 more words

A Fool's Paradise

What’s the deal with idiots? I swear, I’m already sick to death of these whiny liberal snowflakes (especially Hollywood “celebrities” who I am currently boycotting) and their almost fanatical adherence to corrupt mainstream media’s fake news. 595 more words


The Trump regime's authoritarian streak - 1

Reading many of the articles about Trump’s poorly executed Executive Order concerning immigration and viewing various interviews with key players and others it has become very clear that the Trump regime has, in certain quarters a very authoritarian streak. 399 more words