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Manhattan’s Struggle for Human Freedom Against the Slave Power of Virginia

This article was originally published in the May 8, 2015 issue of Executive Intelligence magazine · by Robert Ingraham

There are myths and counter-myths surrounding the early history of the United States of America. 18,974 more words


The LaRouche-Hamilton Science of Physical Economy


The LaRouche-Hamilton Science of Physical Economy

by Matthew Ogden

“The annual produce of the land and labor of a country can only be increased in two ways: by some improvement in the productive powers of the useful labor which exists within it, or by some increase in the quantity of such labor…” — Alexander Hamilton, Report on Manufactures (1791) 1,977 more words


Mirror Image

“Frankly, I think, folks, I have to agree.

If all of the girls who would cast votes for me

Are voting for her—then I think we should float… 318 more words

Social Commentary

Republican duplicity

When Donald Trump refused to declare on October 19 he would not subvert the basic tenet of American democracy, many Republican leaders feigned outrage – “feigned” because his threat not to accept the results of the election mirrors precisely what the Republicans have done for eight years. 456 more words

We the People

Once a glorious laboratory framed in robust Federalist rhetoric and purchased with Patriots’ blood, America sits now as a sick room, a critical care unit to a liberty nearly dead. 625 more words

The Wizard and Those Darned Flying Monkeys!

This political cycle reminds me of the movie, The Wizard of Oz… that scene when the identity of the Wizard is revealed… “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. 442 more words


A Lesson From History

 All Active Duty and Veterans Need to Vote

Only a Guardian Understands the Burden of Their Oath

As our nation’s political debate reaches fervor pitch in run up to the 2016 election, all active duty personnel need to see past the soundbites and take a moment to reflect on our choice for the next commander in chief. 2,498 more words

2016 Election