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Anchor Babies Facts spur sponsorship of Birthright Citizenship Bill

Anchor Babies Facts spur sponsorship of Birthright Citizenship Bill

400,000 ‘Anchor Babies’ Born in U.S. Each Year

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call for an end to birthright citizenship has focused new attention on the law deemed to grant automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S.

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The Curious Case of Kim Davis

At the end of June, the Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that state bans on same-sex marriage violated the 14th Amendment and were thus unconstitutional. 798 more words

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President Barack Obama. you released these five Taliban members as payment for the release of Bowe Bergdahl. This was an unprecedented transaction and arguably beyond the scope of the authority of the executive branch. 284 more words

Quotes: History, Church, and State

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Month-Defining Moment

Washington warned that if religious principles were separated from public institutions such as our courts of justice, then citizens would no longer have a secure basis for property, life, or freedom.

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U.S. Constitution, John Locke, and Founding Fathers

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He that thinks absolute power purifies men’s blood and corrects the baseness of human nature, need only read history to be convinced to the contrary.

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Jan Mickelson Update - Yep, He's Still Crazy

Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson, who recently came out in support of slavery (you read that correctly – slavery), is back at it – this time cheering on Texas officials who have been violating the 14th Amendment by refusing to provide birth certificates to American citizens.   199 more words

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John Kerry Signs UN Gun Ban Treaty - US Now One Step Away From Revolution

We are now one step away from a revolution.  The senate needs to understand that if this treaty is ratified, and the government attempts to take our guns, or force us to register them ( 458 more words

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