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America: I Do Not Like Where This Is Going

The newest political football is the refugees and all related items…..there is some statements that smack with historical context and yet supporters will not see the un-American activities and games being played.  1,132 more words


Did O'Reilly Finally Go Too Far? by Victor Hanson [c]

Did O’Reilly Finally Go Too Far?
November 23, 2015 9:13 pm / Leave a Comment / victorhanson

By Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online… 1,143 more words

Historical Context

Dictatorship Blog: November 24 2015

Modern US emergency and dictatorial powers emerged from the Constitution and several Acts which followed the ratification of the Constitution. The US Constitution expressly provides for the suppression of rebellion, ensures execution of the laws and provides for invasions (Article I, Section 8). 152 more words

HOA C.U.R.S.E. #4: FL Condo Law's Loopholes

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities, CHPPI

HOA C.U.R.S.E. = Consumer Unfriendly Regulatory Statute Example

I have written about Condo Terminations in Florida and other states before, but today I want to highlight the portions of Florida statute that allow wealthy real estate investment firms and developers to takeover condominium associations and force remaining owners to sell, against their will, often at a substantial loss. 1,085 more words

Homeowners Association


“And now, my beauties, something with poison in it, I think. With poison in it, but attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell. 1,352 more words

Cities, HOAs Eroding Democratic Principles

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities, CHPPI

Is democracy disappearing in the US?

Recently, the Institute for Justice (IJ) has filed a class action lawsuit against the city of Pagedale, Missouri. 1,019 more words


Founding Principles of America 23: Voter Education, key to Free Republic

Voter Education, key to Free Republic

Founding Principles of America 23: Importance of an Educated Electorate

US Constitution series 23

Principle 23: A free society cannot survive as a republic without a broad program of general education… 1,119 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture