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Selective Enforcement or Religious Discrimination?

By Deborah Goonan

A couple of my readers forwarded the link to this story about Velda Rose Estates Homeowners’ Association in Mesa, Arizona. It seems that suddenly it’s against the rules for religiously affiliated groups to gather in the Association’s community center. 504 more words

Property Rights

Beating a dead horse... again

“We the people” are gullible and stupid! Weather you are republican or democrat, conservative or liberal we are blinded with a belief that our representatives can be honest and truly represent what we want. 181 more words


The Ninth Amendment: (all unallocated) power to the people!

In part ten of our series on what’s in the Bill of Rights, we land on the Ninth Amendment, which is a harbinger of the Tenth and final amendment in that it is a portmanteau amendment: a short sentence packed with meaning. 408 more words

U.S. Constitution

Congress Infringes on Due Process: Votes to Allow Obama to Strip You of Right to Travel Without Trial

By Suzanne Hamner – Re-Blogged From http://www.FreedomOutpost.com

Another day, another right lost to the political corruption in Washington. In a move that has garnered almost “no” media attention, the House of Representatives passed… 585 more words


What is Jeffersonian Republicanism?

“Not only were the Republicans opposed to traditional monarchies with their bloated executives, high taxes, oppressive debts, and standing armies and in favor of republics with the least government possible, but they also dreamed of a world different from any that had ever existed, a world of democratic republics in which the scourge of war would at last be eliminated and peace would reign among all nations… Believing that most of the evils afflicting human beings in the past had flowed from the abuses of inflated political establishments, Jefferson and the Republicans in 1800 deliberately set about to carry out what they rightly believed was the original aim of the Revolution: to reduce the 312 more words


Liberty Still Has a Fighting Chance - Lawrence W. Reed

Over a nine-month period beginning in 1831, a 26-year-old Frenchman visited nearly every corner of what were then the 24 states of the American Republic. He traveled from New England to the upper Midwest to the Gulf Coast in the Deep South to the mid-Atlantic. 537 more words


NSA says it will stop looking at metadata & destroy records it collected

After Congress recently passed a law to dial back the NSA’s snooping under the Patriot Act prompted by federal courts calling the procedure unconstitutional, big questions remained about what the NSA would do with metadata they already collected and how soon they would comply with the new law. 335 more words