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Rabyd Opinion - When the Government Takes Action, It is Never Neutral.

“I’m from the Government and I am here to help.”  I must submit to you that these are the most fearful things to heard said to you.  423 more words


Legal Fiction (an Introduction)

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By Dahni
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First, what is legal fiction and why is it or should it be important to you? 1,338 more words

WE The People

Feds raid state political meeting, harass attendees

In what appears to be a wild display of overkill, federal and local police forces raided a political meeting in Bryan, Texas, fingerprinting and photographing all attendees as well as confiscating their cell phones, iPads, laptops, and personal recording devices. 189 more words


Net Neutrality Explained In English...

The whole “debate” over the net neutrality issue lasted the internet equivalent of a nano-second with most people walking away confused and disinterested. Most news reports on the subject were completely one sided arguments for or against the FCC’s new regulations and filled with so much gobbledygook technical language that it caused yawns throughout cyberspace. 1,823 more words

Westminster Theological Seminary President: Christians Need to Stand Up in Public Square, Politics to 'Reclaim Judeo-Christian Heritage'

Speaking at Westminster Theological Seminary’s second-ever “Real State of the Union” conference last Saturday, three Christian scholars stressed to attendees that it is time for Christians to faithfully stand up in the public square and reclaim America’s Judeo-Christian heritage from what has become a prominently secular society. 885 more words

Faith Issues In Our Times

The Countermand Amendment

   By Bob Shapiro

I have been aware of several calls for Constitutional Amendments (including my own for a Dollar Limit on Federal Spending). Some of these call for a Constitutional Convention, while others merely ask for Congress to limit its own powers. 687 more words


When the right to rebel becomes treason

I find it curious that some time between the Declaration of Independence being ratified by the Continental Congress in 1776 and the Constitution being passed in 1789, rebelling changed from being a right to being treason. 348 more words