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Market Paradoxes, The Great Rotation And Asset Allocation

Fidelity says there are three market paradoxes to ponder: 1) The U.S. economy appears to be recovering and the Fed is tapering off QE, yet 10-year Treasury yields continue to fall, 2) major stock indexes have so far… 512 more words

Head Scratching And Diverging Correlations

“This is small caps’ 36th peak-to-trough decline of at least 10% since 2000, with an average decline of 17.1% (the current decline sits at about 10%).   728 more words

Alibaba Is A Headache For China, And Not In The Way You Think

There is a crisis brewing in China that doesn’t involve the words shadow, property or credit: … 763 more words

The Import Bone’s Connected To The – Rates Bone!

“An odd thing is happening in the U.S. economy: consumers appear to be losing their taste for imported goods… 808 more words

Quality Over Quantity: Unhappy Interns Living At Home And The Next America

The problem with the current economic recovery isn’t quantity.  It’s quality: “Lower-wage industries accounted for 22 percent of job losses during the recession, but 44 percent of employment growth over the past four years…Higher-wage industries accounted for 41 percent of job losses, but 30 percent of recent employment growth.’  Lower-paid industries like food services, restaurants, temp help, and retail trade accounted for 39 percent of job gains over the last four years.”  Meanwhile, “at a time when the still sluggish economy has sent a flood of jobless young adults back home, … 746 more words