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Baby One More Time: Vouchers Still Don't Work!

A new US Department of Education study finds that students in the only federally funded voucher program perform worse on math. Perry Stein at the Washington Post… 263 more words


Teacher Protests: The Vehicle for Humanistic Take Over in Education

The scheduled teacher walk-out on April 2 in Oklahoma is not only about the very real need to increase teacher salaries. It reveals how the leaders behind a humanistic global agenda use these types of crises to further their control in the field of education. 1,425 more words

Spiritual Warfare For Education

Prayer for Oklahoma Education

This is the Hebrew month of Nissan, the month of Passover! Nissan is the time for redemption, miracles and a time for us to evaluate every political structure with which we are aligned. 812 more words

Spiritual Warfare For Education

Educators: Add “Adaptable Skills” to the Educational Mix; Advice From Advanced Placement Capstone Students

An education committed solely to acquiring skills and knowledge required for specific jobs — calculus, chemistry and American government, for example — has limitations. Schools that also instill adaptable skills students will need in many workplace contexts — written and oral communication, critical thinking and creativity, for example — can provide a better path to 21st-century success. 781 more words

Dept. Of Education Fail: Teachers Lose Grants, Forced To Repay Thousands In Loans : NPR Ed : NPR

The TEACH grant helps future teachers pay for college or a master’s. Many say that when they started teaching, they were forced to pay it back. 107 more words

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Common Core is Dead!

Did you hear the news that Common Core is Dead? The obituary was rather short, a mere 250 words, not much for such a weighty historical effort, and for the most part, the media paid little, if no, attention. 437 more words

Prayers For Schools

We Have Your Back

If you haven’t traveled our great state and met Tennessee educators, I encourage you to reach out and chat with these public servants when the opportunity to do so arises. 665 more words

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