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Prosecutors Scrutinize Minorities’ Auto Loans

Government authorities say auto sellers are singling out minority borrowers and extending them the costliest car loans, which could exacerbate the economic distress in some neighborhoods. 9 more words


The Haggler: The Mystery of the Missing Mask

An $800 custom mask is damaged in transit, and the artist’s claim for compensation from UPS is denied because of a packaging mix-up.

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Wealth Matters: As the Economy Awakens, Thoughts Turn to Dream Houses

Luxury building is again booming in the traditionally high-end parts of the country, like the Hamptons, as the economy continues to show healthy signs,

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Sketch Guy: Add Uncertainty to Your Financial Plans

In an excerpt from “The One-Page Financial Plan,” the author suggests taking a best guess on the future, based on personal values.

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Your Money: Tips for the Future Care of Disabled Family Members

The new 529A savings account, special needs trusts and professional advice are among the tools that can make planning decades ahead less overwhelming.

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Retiring: Study Finds Older Workers Often Missing From Rising Job Rate

An AARP group surveyed 2,492 people ages 45 to 70 who had been unemployed and found about half had managed to find work.

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