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Strategies: Converse Treads Carefully in Updating Well-Worn Chuck Taylor Brand

The classic All Star has been a boon to Nike, which bought Converse in 2003. But as the shoe gets an update, the company is being cautious not to damage its appeal. 9 more words


The Haggler: The Treat That Could Bite Your Dog Back

Problems have been reported with a brand of shrink-wrapped dog bone, but the real problem may be that all bones can represent a hazard to dogs. 9 more words


Thailand the worst economic performer in ASEAN -- Now Thai Baht In Trouble

By Shuli Ren

The Thai baht has fallen more than most of its peers, down 3.5% against the U.S. dollar in July.

Baht’s weakness this month is all the more striking considering “the currency’s relative resilience versus the US dollar previously,” wrote UBS’s Edward Teatherthis morning. 211 more words

Your Money: In Delta’s Frequent-Flier Magic Trick, Not Just Rabbits Disappear

Over the last 18 months, the airline has been engaged in some sleight of hand, no longer posting a chart explaining how many miles a free ticket will require. 10 more words


Wealth Matters: Modern Families and Modern Money Worries

Financial advice is normally geared toward traditional families, but single-parent, same-sex or multigenerational households may gain from tailored advice.

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Retiring: Health Clubs and Resorts Catch On With Older Adults

Retirees who want to live longer and enjoy those postwork years use their discretionary incomes to seek help with healthful eating and exercise.

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