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Public Sacrifice: Think Your Retirement Plan Is Bad? Talk to a Teacher

Schoolteachers and others who pursue careers of service in exchange for modest paychecks get lightly regulated retirement plans that often charge excessive fees.

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Retiring: Migrant Workers in Recreational Vehicles

Work camping combines elements of the gig economy, telecommuting and contingent labor, and attracts older adults seeking more money and more meaning from life.

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Wealth Matters: Red-Flag Time: Your Broker Offers a Can’t-Miss Sales Contest

When brokers try to sell a product like a securities-backed loan, they aren’t being charitable. They are trying to make money.

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Economic View: I Paid $2,500 for a ‘Hamilton’ Ticket. I’m Happy About It.

High prices are a natural reflection of great demand and scant supply. In a free market, they are inevitable until demand subsides or supply expands. 9 more words