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Unemployment rate continues to decline in July 2015.

The unemployment rate continues to decline in July 2015 for most of the metropolitan areas within the United States. 92% of the metropolitan areas in the Nation experienced lower unemployment rates than a year earlier while only 20 metro areas showed higher rates. 974 more words


Red Wedding

Good Morning,

No, not Game of Thrones, the other Red Wedding.

Market observers continue to give short shrift to the fact that the Federal Reserve is the perpetrator of the “Red Wedding” in the markets. 875 more words


Economic slowdown? Tell that to U.S. drivers

The U.S. auto industry powered ahead in August, topping sales estimates and shrugging off gyrating stock markets as consumers continued to show their penchant for pickup trucks and SUVs. 362 more words


"What goes up, must come down"

It’s been quite awhile since I have blogged about the state of the economy and investments in general. While my last blog was not exactly prophetic (i.e.  2,173 more words

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Summer's economic optimism vanishes with the season in the Midwest.

Summer enthusiasm in the Midwest lasted short. The season has not ended yet, as business leaders started to pose concerns in the months to come. The Tenth District Manufacturing Survey revealed that manufacturing activity declined moderately in August 2015. 516 more words


Here's how far the Dow traveled this week

Markets around the world have taken investors on a roller coaster ride this week, and none more so than the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 207 more words


Run To The Hills

Good Friday folks and welcome to the weekend,

What a week that was ! Unpleasant, uncomfortable and unpredictable.

So how is this affecting people.

Since July, American households — which account for almost all mutual fund investors — have pulled money both from mutual funds that invest in stocks and those that invest in bonds. 400 more words

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