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A Fool and His Bitcoin

“A fool and his money are soon parted.”  Wise wisdom, right?  It seems like it’s making a comeback in the digital age with the newly extreme enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies. 751 more words


BUSINESS REPORT: It only took the Dow seven trading sessions to surge 1,000 points

The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 26,000 for the first time Tuesday morning, just seven trading days after passing the 25,000 milestone.

Investors are clamoring to get aboard the bull market that has been unfolding since the 2008 recession. 162 more words


President Oprah?

Oprah 2020?  In America, yes, it is conceivable.  When a belligerent and dubiously successful businessman and reality TV celebrity can become President of the United States, there is no reason to suppose that a narcissistic billionaire TV talk show host can’t potentially run for the office as well, and plausibly win. 614 more words


December Jobs Report Weaker than It Looks


The headline number from the December employment report (link above) was a bit disappointing.  The economy added only 148,000 jobs vs. expectations for approximately 191,000 and vs. 282 more words


Donald Trump is taking one of the largest delegations ever to hang with the global elite in Davos

After rising to political power by slamming global elites for neglecting the working class, Donald Trump is bringing one of the largest contingents ever to the annual summit held in Davos, Switzerland. 382 more words

US Jobs and Economic Growth - Cutting through the Trump BS

The US economy was strong in 2017.  Trump’s claim that two million new jobs were added, is right.   Of course,  job growth was good leading up to his inauguration, so he shouldn’t be taking credit for the entire year. 368 more words

Corporate Tax Rate Reduction

The start of a new year always brings about fresh possibilities and resolutions. This year, in 2018, the American economy was given fresh possibilities by way of the tax bill that was passed just before the new year. 1,121 more words