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Looking Pretty Calm Up Here You Guys

“Even though the S&P 500 has closed at an all-time high three times in the last week, investors are still waiting for breadth (i.e. 455 more words

Ignore the naysayers, the US economy is more than fine

Let’s be clear, the US economy suffered a catastrophic recession after the financial crisis. It hurt a lot of people. Many still haven’t recovered. And many won’t. 204 more words

Does China Know Something That America Does Not?

The US became the world’s richest nation by manufacturing quality products in house and trading them all over the world. America built up the largest trading book after World War II. 448 more words

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Once more unto the breach

I very much regret that I have to carry on with my recent themes with some new emphasis on the clouds gathering over the US economy, albeit that relatively little news is actually due from there this week. 1,812 more words

Hey, average American, here's how you benefit from free trade

Free-trade agreements touch so many different aspects of the market that their consequences can be difficult to predict.

Most Americans are aware of one of the nastier potential side effects: off-shoring, and  480 more words

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Know How to Help Middle Class

Hillary Clinton said today that the American middle class is struggling and, if elected president, she will reshuffle the deck. Who is she trying to fool? 375 more words

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