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Despacito Conquers America

Forget the ramblings of xenophobes and threats of building walls.

Music demolishes all barriers to Love… Latino culture today is being embraced even more despite the vitriol in our political landscape. 184 more words

Current Affairs

Donald Trump could drop a nuclear bomb on Iran within two years

Iran is boxed in economically, militarily and politically. It has no friends left. Very few neighbours would bat an eyelid and many would quietly applaud… 168 more words



The United States’ socio-economic-political dynamics are certainly in a state of a catch-22. On the off chance, one isn’t familiar with the terminology; catch-22 respectively means ‘damned if you do damned if you don’t’, ‘between a rock and hard place’, and ‘unstoppable force meets an unmovable object’. 2,044 more words

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Gas Export

Poland just took a symbolic step forward in wresting itself from Russia’s energy dominance.

On Thursday, the first ever liquified natural gas shipment from the United States arrived in Poland, a landmark of sorts in Europe’s continuing drive to diversify the sources of its energy imports. 171 more words


How is the Economy Doing in Your State?

The U.S. economy is certain to grow in the next 10 years, but lets look at how jobs are being created in your state.

I live in Buffalo, NY and the outlook on the economy here as far as jobs creation has been a slow but positive one for many law makers and citizens. 912 more words

'Loose Talk' Stalls U.S - Mexico Sugar Trade Agreement

On Monday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross pushed back on U.S and Mexico sugar trade talks by 24 hours. Hours after the government came up with a provisional deal the U.S. 472 more words

White House


The Permian Basin oil field in southeast New Mexico and west Texas first started producing shortly after World War I. But almost 100 years later, it seems to keep getting better, and may become the world’s biggest oil field. 171 more words