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“[T]he dual language program has boosted involvement by Latino parents, which has long concerned school officials here. It has also created more opportunities for cross-cultural appreciation and made Spanish a language that is an important part of the school, not something to try to ignore, she says.” 13 more words


The Real Truth About the American Education System

I watched a brief video recently pitched as “the truth” about the American education system. The implication is we live in a “sick” society because there isn’t enough emphasis on education. 935 more words


Should I Attend a Community College?

Every year thousands of students are lured by the siren’s call of community colleges: easy admissions, lower tuition, and guaranteed admission into a state university.  But do community colleges really deliver all that the admissions representatives promise? 767 more words


US Education System & 'Auditing Courses'

US Education System &  ‘Auditing Courses’

The US education system is different from what is followed in India. Each degree comprises of certain credits, say 30 or 40 . 445 more words


The Dunce's Cap- green, yellow, red - singling out the children

It has been many years since I watched my little 2nd grade daughter stand across the street , tears falling down her cheeks, holding her tummy as she lined up to go into Irving School. 1,390 more words

Brit Take


There is a conviction, among some educators, that schools are too preoccupied with academic subjects.  Hardly their fault ,of course, given that  what is taught , in the classroom, is driven by the  respective prescribed  curriculum and   assessment  regimes. 603 more words


“Speaking at least two languages is known to improve multitasking and problem-solving skills, lead to greater future job opportunities, reduce once’s risk for  86 more words