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Dictatorship Blog: November 27 2015

Unfortunately there is no App that allows you to avoid the US Presidential race. In particular Donald Trump’s ‘stellar performance’ (at least numerically) is a cause for concern, even increasingly, it seems, for those on the right. 167 more words

GOP fears Trump's Muslim comments could hurt

Source: The Hill

Donald Trump’s rhetoric since the Paris terrorist attacks appears to have helped him with GOP primary voters, according to most polls. But Republican insiders are concerned that his words could come back to haunt the party as it seeks to appeal to a broader audience. 469 more words


On the Free Will & Free Choice

In order to understand the free will we must recognize that “freedom” to mean exemption from restraint, or exemption from the consequences of choice” freedom of choice here is to be freed from any fear of consequences of making specific choice while it is define that the “free- will   as capacity to “choose between right and wrong”” we may say that the free-will is our power in making a choice . 408 more words


Who will stop Erdogan?

Two Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian SU-24 near the Syrian border inside Syria. The two pilots could parachute out of the jet before it crashed, but Turkmen rebels from Alwiya al-Ashar, trained and funded by Turkey, killed one pilot with machine gun fire as he came down. 2,933 more words


How Ted Cruz is locking up the evangelical vote

Source: Politico

DES MOINES — The hearts of many evangelical voters, polls suggest, are with Ben Carson. But increasingly, their leaders’ heads are with Ted Cruz. 245 more words


Independent and Third Party Candidates

The United States has a two-party system. However, a candidate can still run for president without representing either the Democratic- or Republican party. 496 more words

American Elections

Poll Shows Broad Support for Wind and Solar

The public prefers wind turbines and solar arrays over power plants that burn coal and oil — or even new natural-gas-fired plants.

Commissioned by the Sierra Club, and conducted last week, the survey of registered voters in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Virginia and Maine also found that: 150 more words