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Drea M.'s Tips for Successful Future US Elections

So, I hear you guys down in the States are having some troubles.  It seems there’s a couple of people who think maybe there was something sketchy about the recent election.  722 more words


No one really knows what's causing US political polarization, but it’s not the internet

Americans are deeply divided about how their country should be run, a chasm that seems to widen with each passing election. The notion that the internet is a leading culprit of this increased polarization… 464 more words

Remove Donald Trump as President Without Delay.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is touted as the most disliked President of the United States and his policies have isolated many of the country’s (even long time allies), as well as the rest of the American people. 995 more words


US president Donald Trump and Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta have finally spoken on the phone

Yesterday (March 7) US president Donald Trump spoke with Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, his fourth phone call with an African leader since taking office.

Given Kenya’s prominent military role in operations against Al Qaeda-affiliated insurgent group Al Shabaab in Somalia, the talk focused on trade and security in East Africa. 342 more words

The Democratic Party Is Facing a Demographic Crisis

In 2008, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama outperformed his predecessors John Kerry and Al Gore with virtually every single demographic group, handily defeating his Republican rival… 1,511 more words

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Top Democrats poised to choose next party chair - US

Top Democrats will elect their next national chair on Saturday, a key figure who will try to rally a party still reeling from its presidential election defeat and crippled by down-ballot losses across the country over the last decade. 191 more words

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Does Race Determine Our Ability To Obtain A Voter ID:

Does Race Determine Our Ability To Obtain A Voter ID:

Voter ID Laws Are Called Racist By People Who Believe Race Determines Ability

Every election season we are confronted with the same debate and the same excuses. 686 more words