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Lee Camp on how Bernie Sanders Got Screwed by Election Fraud and Voter Suppression | Acronym podcast #12

Lee Camp, host of Redacted Tonight, joins Dennis Trainor, Jr. for a conversation about blatant voter suppression, election fraud, #ExitPollGate and more.

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Acronym Podcast

US elections: Charlie Post on Sanders, Clinton, and the tasks of American socialists

Charlie Post, a long-time US socialist and active in his faculty union at the City University of New York, talks to rs21 about Sanders, the dangers of ‘lesser-evilism’, and the post-election challenges for American socialists. 1,839 more words


Demographics And Classism Stymie Hillary And Propel Bernie As US Is Divided

Is it honestly so surprising to have a 74 year-old self-declared socialist successfully challenging Hillary Clinton for the presidential democratic nomination? Hillary is of the Baby-Boomer generation that is ingrained within power structures, and she is seen as an establishmentarian by parts of the Millennial generation. 1,424 more words

“When America sneezes, the whole world catches pneumonia.”

When one pictures Donald Trump at the helm, the next ejaculation could render us all with venereal disease. Sounds amusing? It shouldn’t be, as there is a deal of truth behind this statement:  repeatedly, throughout history, Britain and the U.S. 1,226 more words

Contacting SuperDelegates in Michigan!

Today has been tough. Been attempting to contact every Clinton superdelegate in the State of Michigan. All part of the Clinton machine, and no worries about the voters. 141 more words