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Important Presidential Debates

I’m happy that the USA openly practices the first amendment and that anything is open to discussion, including the most important issues during our presidential primaries. 63 more words

Donald Trump

Election Tips From An Experienced Candidate

As you may know, the country is currently working on the greatest controversy of our time.

804 Republican candidates/the general coming election/political shit show.

Elections are a BIG deal. 477 more words

My Life

Silicon Valley @ US Elections: Money, Money, Money

For the first time, The tech industry spends more money on presidential elections than Hollywood, defense contractors and most other traditional political powerhouses. And if most tech luminaries are throwing dollars at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Republicans’ money race in Silicon Valley was hardly pocket change. 786 more words


Le Grand Décryptage @I-télé : The @realdonaldtrump phenomenon

The Chairman was invited to I-télé August 6 at 22h35 @rdesarbres   to give her perspective on the American elections and the #Trump phenomenon.

Here is the link, from 8:30 :  23 more words


Is Korea going in a War? No they agreed to defuse

Technically South and North Korea were at war since 1954. However, the situation improved in 2007 when the South Korean President met the North counterpart. But the dramatic folds of events in the last few days have again put the fate of Korean Peninsula in dilemma. 310 more words


Gangstar Aspirant! Donald Trump Leads At Polls Despite Controversies

Donald Trump has continued to defy the laws of political gravity. Many who had thought his chances will become slimmer after his acerbic debate, feud with a female television anchor that have bolstered charges of sexism and even controversial responses during last Thursday’s Presidential debate better get ready for this. 92 more words


On Donald Trump And The Republican Nomination

I’ve been hesitant to write about Donald Trump for a variety of reasons and I’m still not entirely sure what I think about him as a potential President. 2,073 more words