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Three questions Jared Kushner hasn't answered in his Senate statement about Russian collusion

US presidential advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner released an 11-page statement ahead of his appearance this morning before the Senate Intelligence Committee. In it, he says plainly, “I did not collude, nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded, with any foreign government.” 762 more words

Don't fear Donald Trump Jr – fear the political point-scorers obsessed with destroying US relations with Russia

When you really looked into it, the British ‘interfered’ with the US election just as much as Russians allegedly did. So where’s the big fuss about that? 158 more words


"And who is my neighbour?"

In light of the divisions in American society that have been exposed and heightened by the US presidential elections, it may be a good time for followers of Jesus Christ to ask again the question: “And who is my neighbor?” 873 more words

National Sec of State Meeting @ Indy

State election officials on Saturday had one of their first opportunities to meet as a group with federal officials looking to do more to secure elections from potential cyberthreats, and many left with one word on their lips.

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U.S. Foreign Policy Part 2 – Russia in the US Elections

I was recently scrolling through the television channels and came across The Putin Interviews by Oliver Stone. After watching these I became intrigued. My curiosity was drawn to two facts – i) Vladimir Putin has denied his country’s involvement with the US Presidential Elections and ii) how the media has blown this way out of proportion. 635 more words

Facts Presented With Opinions

USA: Al Franklin warns Christian 'zealot' Pence worse than Trump

Al Franken Warns Christian ‘Zealot’ Pence Worse Than Trump

June 27, 2017 by Michael Stone 12 Comments

Impeachment worries: Senator Al Franken warns Mike Pence is a dangerous Christian “zealot” who “would be worse” than Donald Trump. 371 more words


Why I Stopped Using the Term "Libertarian"

Many who peripherally follow my blogs, my social media, etc., have started asking me in the past few months: “Hey, why don’t you use the word  954 more words