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Paris-Cairo flight dissapearance

EgyptAir Flight 804, from Paris to Cairo, was reported missing with 66 people aboard.

According to the latest reports debris from the plane has been found in the Mediterranean. 692 more words


When bad guys get elected

Here is a quick take on the electoral process prompted by a twitter conversation with a friend. This first appeared on Lokniti blog.

This polemical piece is a consequence of a twitter conversation with another MPP grad (@suhasd1988) on an article in NYT by Maskin and Sen that he shared. 898 more words


Can’t We All Get Along?: On “Game of Thrones” and Hillary versus Bernie

“Can’t we all get along?”

Those words were uttered by a black Los Angeles taxi driver named Rodney King back in the spring of 1992. King had been brutally beaten by the Los Angeles Police and it was caught on videotape, perhaps the first instance of such police-on-citizen violence to be shown to the nation. 2,225 more words

TV Shows

9 Reasons Donald Trump Should Never Become President

Here at 9Stein HQ, we admit that in the very beginning we found Donald Trump to be amusing and somewhat of a breath of fresh air in the otherwise rank and stagnant cesspool that is US politics today. 1,740 more words

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: The Human Puppet

He has been given many titles of the past year; most too rude to include in this post but they do include one in particular which was ‘Hitler’. 562 more words


Hunting Season

Am I the only who wants the election season to end? The Philippine elections were ugly and controversial enough. The sheer stupidity of my countrymen (i.e. 479 more words

Hillary Clinton

Nancy Pelosi - does she know something about the potential for vote rigging?

Hmmm – what an interesting little video this is…

What do you think of that then? She ‘guarantees’ that Trump won’t be President? That is only possible if she’s confessing to KNOWING that the vote will be rigged, surely! 314 more words