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Does Race Determine Our Ability To Obtain A Voter ID:

Does Race Determine Our Ability To Obtain A Voter ID:

Voter ID Laws Are Called Racist By People Who Believe Race Determines Ability

Every election season we are confronted with the same debate and the same excuses. 686 more words


Understanding Introverts

Almost everyone knows that there are two types of people. The extroverts and the introverts. The extroverts, being gullible and has no problem dealing with people. 373 more words

Dear Greta - I don't like Donald.

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You’re not a parliamentary Speaker, are you? Good, just checking. Because John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, is experiencing all sorts of pain for voicing the same opinion. 341 more words

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The Politics of Trauma

The writers of the hugely popular TV series The Walking Dead — now in its seventh season — established very early that in a world where civilisation has been all but extinguished by flesh-eating zombies, the most dangerous creatures are not the zombies, but the survivors. 604 more words


Are Social Media Platforms A Place For Politics?

Celebs sharing their political views on social media: undue influence or freedom of speech? At the recent Golden Globes awards, actress Meryl Streep’s accepted the Cecil B DeMille award and was honored for her contribution to the world of entertainment. 751 more words


Polling is still the best predictor of election results, according to a new study

Pollsters have taken a beating in the last couple of years. They got it so badly wrong in the 2015 British general elections—predicting a race which ended up a Conservative landslide as too close to call—that the British Polling Council  618 more words